Dec 1, 2007


you know how sometimes, the tide turns so fast, you never get to see what hit you!! and usually the impact is so enormous, it leaves nothing but shock and utter hopelessness behind you!

what seemed like a turn for the better ended up being one such tide.... sudden, rude and shakening!!

maybe something better is awaiting... or... hell, who knows what happens next!! and am definately not interested in knowing either!!!

Hope this ends sooner...

Hope i can clear all the exams life sets before me.... literally and otherwise :)


Nov 14, 2007


I don’t want to be called the cribber,
I don’t want to be called the stone hearted!
I am definitely not dumb
Neither am I a neurotic!

but every time you call me so,
and ask me to be otherwise…
are you telling me, I’m wrong…
Because we are not like wise?

Nov 10, 2007


Well amidst the hype and hoopla to the "Saawariya" V/s. "O-S-O" brigade... the reader in me, found an opportunity to read a short story, which i may have never otherwise chanced upon!

I am talking of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's short story - White Nights... published in 1848 and supposedly the book based on which Bhansali made the movie.

Let's leave the movie aside for a while here... let me tell you what the book is all about. It's a story of an unnamed young man (yes, the protagonist has no name) who, by nature of being a shy, introvert and self confessed dreamer, meets and falls in love and even encounters heart brake in the course of four nights! you can call it a simple love triangle or a sad tragic drama… which ever way you look at it, the basic plot is way too simple to be understood! However, what actually does set the book apart, and might have caught on SLB’s attention is the treatment or rather the way in which the story is narrated and how the protagonist’s angst and anguish, his shy demeanor and complex emotions are highlighted, making him more human and realistic, than many other “heroes” we come across in the literary world!

It’s a touching tale alright, but every good book, unfortunately cannot be a great movie! Or rather most books should not be made into a movie, for the simple reason that, unlike in books, where the words tend to take the shape of the story, depending on the reader’s imagination prowess, movies, usually, leave nothing for imagination, making everything too obvious, and may I add a tad bit frivolous!

(and going by the reviews I read in the morning papers, and all across the net, Bhansali has left no stone unturned to make this ‘personal, intrinsic and deep’ story into a commercial and “bollywood” movie…. HOPE I AM PROVED WRONG!)

Here are some links on White Nights –

-The E-book (although bit summarized, and I prefer the paper version :P)

-A beautiful commentary on the book (BIT TOO LONG!)

Nov 6, 2007

been almost a month since i posted something, and been over two months since i posted something that made sense...

its not like there is any dearth of topics for me to write... or i have been actually as busy or lazy as i appear to be...

there has been everything from 'absconding friends' to 'work mishaps' to 'unnoticeable adventures' happening ... while what they mean or what exactly happened, is another story altogether, what did not happen is the fact that i refused to gather the guts to write it down, to tell the people concerned, that yes i did get affected by what you did.... maybe some of them even did hurt me, and hurt me bad... but i somewhere could not stand up for myself!

what ever the case... its that time of the year to not only give back with a vengeance, but also to let go and move ahead... because better things might just be around the corner ;-)

Seasons Greetings

Oct 12, 2007

Oct 11, 2007

my silly questions...

why is it that we never get the answers we are loking for, when we need them the most?

why do we find ourselves doling out advice to those questions, for which we struggle to find answers?

why are we expected to be so capable of doing things, we almost always struggle with?

what would life be, if we knew all its answers? more imortantly, why do we face questions, whose answers we never know? and if we did know all the answers, would we still face all these questions?


[might not make sense to anyone... i doubt it will to me, after some time.... but i need to get this out!.... so this is a NO COMMENTS post :)]

Oct 8, 2007

More things u really culdn't care to know about me!!!


You Are Rocky Road Ice Cream
Unpredictable and wild, you know how to have fun.You're also a trendsetter who takes risks with new things.You know about the latest and greatest - and may have invented it!
You are most compatible with vanilla ice cream.


You Are a Brownie
Decadent and intense, you aren't for the weakhearted.Those who can deal with your strong flavor find out how sweet you really are.


Your Dominant Intelligence is Intrapersonal Intelligence

Reflective and thoughtful, you enjoy spending time alone.You are good at analyzing yourself - and knowing your true feelings.Totally self aware, you are in tune with your dreams and desires.A spiritual and philopsophical person, your inner calmness inspires and helps others.
You would make a great philosopher, researcher, or theorist.

You Have a Phlegmatic Temperament
Mild mannered and laid back, you take life at a slow pace.You are very consistent - both in emotions and actions.You tend to absorb set backs easily. You are cool and collected.
It is difficult to offend you. You can remain composed and unemotional.You are a great friend and lover. You don't demand much of others.While you are quiet, you have a subtle wit that your friends know well.
At your worst, you are lazy and unwilling to work at anything.You often get stuck in a rut, without aspirations or dreams.You can get too dependent on others, setting yourself up for abandonment.
What Temperment Are You?

okie, before i conclude wanna tell u all that the crazy website where u can do more such stuff is [ cant place a seperate link to each quiz, since my blogger is creating trouble for me].... go ahead and tell me ur own results :)

My Birth Month....

I am turning into Anu Malik, i guess...... i have been getting inspired by Poo a li'l too much in recent times... and continuing tradition... i checked her blog for the 'chaka-chak' naya Post.... and decided to add it to my Blog too.... (now u get the Anu part?!!) Anyways.... the Post and the feature talks about Birth Months and determining your personality on its basis. Although she found it pretty accurate in her case.... I cant't say the same about me.

But then, again, is it really supposed to work for Martians??? *wondering*

Anyways... here are the results for my birth month... the one in which a lot of "famous personalities" were born (strictly earthlings!) ....

the month of DECEMBER

So, here goes the Website's "prediction" about yours truly.....

Loyal and generous: Well yea… deff loyal….lets just keep the generous part aside.. :P

Sexy: LMAO …… please tell me the website creators are blind….. coz this I DEFF am not! :D

Oh yea…. Totally :D :D

Active in games and interactions: NEVER NEVER …… if there is one thing that I could never do in school times it was Sports and pathetic PT!!!

[PLEASE NOTE, it is perched on a precarious 50-50 position …, im not really believing it yet!!!]

Impatient and hasty: Yea…. Pretty impatient…and hasty to some extent!....can we like get over this ASAP?

Ambitious: Definitely….yawn… am sleepy already!

Influential in organizations: I would like to believe so…. Then again, who wouldn’t !

Fun to be with: YEP……. My testimonials say so…(got to believe them sometimes at least ;))

Loves to socialize: Hahahahhaha…… well anyone who knows me even remotely, knows I can go into hibernation mode at home for days on end, without seeing the sunlight… so this is definitely a NO-NO

Loves to Party: If having a good time, means partying…., then yes….. if it means “partying” then NO! :P

Loves praises: Why else do u think I am doing this piece of crap? :O :P

Loves attention: Uh huh!!

Loves to be loved: Come on….tell me something MORE Unique…..!

Honest and trustworthy: Yes…. I can be brutally honest at times... and mostly all have been at the receiving end….and yes, I have a way with secrets…. I simply forget them :P

Not pretending:
Absolutely….. I am this way….take it or get lost!

Short tempered: 10 mins….. the max I have been without screaming in a mad fit!

Changing personality: YES…. Changes with company…!

Not egoistic: I STRONGLY disagree….. I have an EGO and sometimes, a bit too big ;)

Take high pride in oneself: MAKE UP ur mind yaa….. I just said so…!

Hates restrictions: Remember Paagal :P

Loves to joke: Nooooo…… I never joke in my life…. Have always been a tight ass… :P

Good sense of humor: ABSOLUTELY not… can only give the retard a run for their money… the rest don’t even count me in!

Oct 1, 2007

Tag again....!!!

Well, our very own Poo had been at the receiving end of some seriously sidey and boring RJ's from amchi Mumbai.... and she thot of giving it back to poor, innocent angels, like me..(lol!... so much for NOT listening to Fever 104!) .. and so jobless, poor li'l angelic ME :O :O has to answer this set of "questions- that- make- no- sense".... so here it goes!

1. Starting with something easy (n not intellectual, hoping you can answer something as!!!! as this) what did you have for breakfast?

Like EVERY true- blue Southie kid on the block….. Breakfast means just one thing…. (Most of the times, at least) and that is Poor old DOSA

2. As a kid you were scared of?

Am still scared of DOGS…… but a thing I was scared of as a kid…but no longer am…has to be the DARK!!!

3. Define the following in one word - (max. 2 words)

Karma – Practical (assuming, ur asking, karma w.r.t. philosophy and not Karmaaa!!! a la Konkani…hehehe ;))

Dictionary – English Teacher

Kids – at home- part time (orkut influence…

Your PC/ Laptop my kid! (makes sense??? :P)

4. Something that you crave to eat RIGHT NOW!

Maggi……. the BEST food ever created….and i haven't eaten it since like... STONE AGE :( :(

5. The last person you sent an sms to?

Hahahahhah…….. excuse me, but everyone who knows me, knows that my Cell lost its display in mid June….. and my laziness stops me from repairing it… so in short I am in possession of a walky-talkie… no chance of sms at all!!!..... but guess the last sms I had sent to, would be a forward to all my Hutch frnds…(yea, it was still Hutch then… ;)) since it was free pf cost….lol!!!

6. Memorable Rakshabandhan gift received (gals!)/ gifted (guys!)?

Well, has to be in 10th Std….. all my mooh bola bhai’s in school had gifted me wid soooo many things (esp chocolates) , it was one helluva crazy year….. [did I mention, I was a brat then?? ]

7. What colour is your life? n why? (1 colour only, plz)

Ink Blue….. coz that colour signifies a lot of hulchul to me…… and that’s exactly what is happening right now!

8. You see Dhoni buying a Tennis ball @ a Sports shop near your place... you....

Mebbe…… Stop and search for Sree or on other thoughts….. just give a second glance (wink wink…hehehe!!!)

9. Greatest feeling in the world?

To see my friends truly happy, especially when I am going thru a rough phase, and they are happy because of me!!! :D :D

10. Most disgusting thing that you came across..

Should I say it……

Well PDA by a lesbian couple in a Mumbai train…….

(okie… no more qns on this one….!!!)

11. Your fav serial/ match/ film going on ... when BANG! goes the cable.. you

a. switch off TV, Switch on PC n log in to Orkut/ Yahoo etc.

b. Call the cablewala and "@#%$#@"

c. Call up friends and meet at the nearest CCD

None of the above…… ill simply go to sleep or read a good book or better listen to the Radio…. (Fever 104..mind u :P )

12. English is a very funny language because..........?

Bcoz u just gotta read the way Amu and AJ use it…. you’ll know for yourself!!!

13. Current weather reminds you of...............

the songs….. “In Dino” from the movie Metro… and “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd!

14. Have you ever had a crush on your teacher?

You know, grumpy 50 year old, PT teachers were never, at least in my mind….. “Attractive”, you know……

15. 2 lines about this girl called 'Purnima' .... (plz no, ever gigglin, bit crazy, blogs regularly n all...that she already knows.... something that will make her go 'wow! is that true??'... No flattery, negative remarks accepted, just don't be rude :P, honest answers please!)

1. Always pings me when she updates her blog, or rather ONLY when she updates her blog ....:) [Note.... the additional smiley, so that u know, me not rude :P]

2. Is the ONLY Living being (apart from AJ) to have seen the Dinosaurs……. LOL!!!

[here go ur two unique lines, dear……. heheheh!!!.... ]

hope u had a good time reading my answers, coz I deffinately loved answering it….

AND for the tradition to continue, I want to TAG two ppl, who need to get back to Blogging NOW…… and I hope they do, with this tag….. Ashwin and Roshni!!!

Happy Blogging ppl!!! :D

Sep 23, 2007

Personal Bias!

Sometimes, some incidents catch us off guard...

Recently, the prospect of working closely with a person, who is ‘just-not-like-us’ was suggested, at work… and boy, was I stumped!!

Don’t get me wrong, the person is not really bad or anything…. Actually, I don’t even know the person that well as of now!! But from the moment of the first meet, I began judging the person and somehow I have an impression of the person, as someone I might, in all probability, have trouble relating and working with!! And I don’t even know, why or what made me get this impression….. Maybe it’s the different backgrounds, or just that we did not hit it off that well, at the first meet…..

I have always accepted at being a little bias, towards my friends over others…. Let’s face it, we all are… we happily overlook a mistake our friends make, but if made by an unknown, it is never easily accepted…. Guess it’s natural, maybe to a certain extent, even accepted… At the same time, I also usually have no problem in relating to people of all kinds (as in those who are like me, and those who aren’t like me), because, like it or not, we all need to accept other people and views even if we necessarily don’t agree with them…

But what stood out in this whole incident was the fact that it just bought out the whole fa├žade right in front of my face… and obviously, I didn’t like it one bit! Also, what stuck me, was how limited my exposure to people, in and around me is! Yes, not everyone is like me, or have a similar wavelength, yet, they are some what of a certain section, that I feel and know, I belong to!

I know, at the end of this post, in all probability, people reading it, would be thinking I am some kind of a biased…almost racist person….. but trust me I am NOT…. It’s just that I am yet to learn (and I have a chance in front of me to) to deal and understand and handle people truly representing all the different types of personas and thought processes. Just hope, can do it successfully, and I make more friends along the way! :)


Sep 8, 2007

things u dont wanna know about me!!

So, while joblessly surfing the net at 1 am....i stumble upon such utterly useless pieces of information..... and now, my new hobby, of sharing them with you, means, all u people out there have to ebdure this torture too....

So, this is what my obituary is gonna say.....

'What will your obituary say?' at

Just who is this shady guy man!!!.....lolz

And, the next quiz..... would i get away with murder????
well the answer is NO... :( .... so all people rejoice.....
now u r sure, i am never gonna kill anyone!!!

Ten Years: You would get caught, but only because of the guilt you'd feel. You would sign a plea bargain and spend your years in jail feeling really bad about what you'd done.

Sep 7, 2007

since am unable to come up with any sane topic to blog about (or rather am too lazy and busy to do it!), let me take an easy way out.... blog about a few of the things that interest me, or that i feel i should share with the world.....

Currently, my favorite track is from Kailas Kher's new album...Jhoomo re..... called Saiyyaan
to say that the track is amazing, would be stating the obvious!! Just that the mention of the song gives me goose bumps...(hey, i aint over exaggerating!!) So, after the songs of Metro and Ya Rabba (another gem by Kailash!), this song simply goes in the list of my all time favorites!!!
So, after music, the next thing that occupies my free time (hyperbole, did u say!!) is Books and Blogs (okie 2 things!)
So, am sure most of you would have read 'The Diary of a young girl' by Anne Frank. Its a wonderful account of the life of a girl and her family, in the times of Nazi invasion in Netherlands. Although set in the Second World War, it is very contemporary in the issues it addresses.
And the next on my list of books to read is 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu (the english translation) , which, alongwith 'The Prince' and 'Mahabharata' are considered to be three of the best books in the World, on War Strategy (and before you ask.... i am NOT going on a battle, thank you!)
And coming to Blogs, here are some of the blogs i absolutely love to read
Well, this is ALL i can think of at the moment. Will update the list as soon as my laziness permits!!! (Oh, what the hell!!! will put up a Proper post, if one of those "rare" 'I-am-not-lazy-for-a-change' mood prevails!!! :D )
till then.....

Aug 31, 2007

My visual DNA

Change...... :D

Long time, no see........!!!! (hehehe)
well changed my template, and after almost a week of googling the whole web space found a decent (ok, i actually like it!!!) template, that works well for xml and suits my taste too....
what got me to change my 'oh-so-sweet-pinky' template???.... Blame it on Poo and Ajan.... they both have some cool blogs and they 'inspired' me to change it too...(am i sounding like Anu Malik, already?!!)
well, am NOT into computers, in any which way, but one thing that i realised is, u dont need to be a rocket scientist to write these codes, or understand how these things work....... (okie, i still dont understand quite some stuff, but yet...!!!) I mean, its so accessable and user friendly out there, any one can do it....(if i can, trust me, ANYONE can!!!)
anyways, some really interesting topics cooking up in this empty mind since some time (and trust me, they are gonna be different...), so watch this page for more (self publicity, did u say??? :P)
AND..... i have to et completely finish "upgrading" the Blog..........(i mean the links and all, of my friends and all.....will deff do it soon!!!)
Till then......Cheers :)

Aug 17, 2007

I got tagged tooo.........

hmmmm....... so Mr. Mithun has tagged me..... and on books, one of my fav topics too....!!!
Who knew, Mr. Himace obsessed was a fan of Books too...and considering my obsession to live a book - sometimes a tad too literally, guess, i couldn't have had a better tag!!!

SO, friends, here it goes..... if u really care, that is!!!

1. Which is your favorite book? why?

Fav Book : difficult choice between Alchemist and Notes to myself....... simply because both left an impact on me.... and a strong one at that....

2. Which is your favorite comic book?

Ooops..... Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes are my fav cartoons..... no reasons for guessing why!!!

3. Which book has made u fall asleep while reading it? (no textbooks please! Its one of their properties to make people go to sleep!!)

hehehhee....... good one!!! but a book that made me sleep, was this book i read on the ancient Buddhist philosopphy..... dont get me wrong..... its got nothing to do with my views on the philo or anything like that, just that the way it was written......OH GOD!!! still makes me feel sleepy......

(and yea, if u r an insomniac..... lemme know, i can always pass on the book's name for free :D )

4. Has any book made u cry? which one?

hmm..... tuff one..... coz i dont cry that soon!!!

Honestly can't remeber any, at the moment...... will deff update it, once i remember ;-)

5. Has any book made u want to take out ur eyes from their sockets and squish them?

ummn...... YES!!!!

i bychance once laid my hand on a Harrold Robbin novel..... DONT dare ask me the details..... hee hee hee

6. Which fictional book character do u feel resembles u?

Bridget Jones???!!!...... Actually, u shud be tellin me that, Mithun!!! he he he

But, the lead in the book "American Born Confused Desi".... though im neither!!!

7. Which fictional book character do u feel resembles me?(mandatory question,my keyboard took hits for this blog entry, u know!)

Okie..... tuff one, wud have been easier, had i NOT met u, but now that i have, the whole presure of doing justice to u!!!...... 'haay daiyaa'

Maybe, when a Himace Comic book arrives, with a Super-Himace in it...... it'll be fictional enough to be U.......

Seriously, i guess it's gotta be JUGHEAD- the always at ease chap..... hehehheheh!!!

8. Which will you choose?
a. reading a highly entertaining/informative book or
b. going out for an outing with a member of the opposite sex.

Since there are more interesting books than interesting members of the opposite sex, my choices are nevertheless restricted........ watsay???? ;-)

Had fun answering your tag, Mithun...... Thanx for it :)

Jul 25, 2007

Tag time!!!!

So, finally, i musically tag thee..... here's ur set of tags or "stupid-qns-that-make-no-sense"

1. which song is being played in ur mind rite NOW!

2. one song that describes ur life.... (no self made compositions please!)

3. the song u listen to most on ur i-pod/ MP3/ cell/ PC/ etc

4. a song that describes best the foll stages in ur life:

- school days

- friends

- ur mood rite now!!!

5. your all time favorite song, nd the reason for it... mebbe some memory/ some funny story/etc!!!

6. a song u wish u hadn't heard!!! (more than one is always a pleasure!!!)

7. a song that would best describe..... me
(hey, i took pains to tag u, i guess i deserve this ;-) )

8. (i jus cudn't miss this!!!) If, u were in an elevator with Himesh Reshammiya and Altaf Raja, you would..........
(plz plz plz..... something funny!!!)

thee is........ Poo, Ajan, AJ and Mithun!!!

and if u dont know how to go about a TAG, here's how -
-copy these qns and paste them on ur "create post" window
- ans these qns in the same post
-POST it (duh!!!)
and yea, you can then choose to tag sumone else, or the person who tagged you, with same set of qns or new qns!!!


Jul 24, 2007

Tip of the Iceberg!

Why is it that, so often, when we feel we have moved on from a phase in our life, do some things or events, keep reminding us of them again and again??

And it's not just the memory here, but so many times, the hurt/ feelings and the insecurities creep up too, which we feel, we have overcome! So, do we ever completely letgo of that part of our lives or those things that didn't make us feel all that great????

Or are we stuck with it in some wierd place at the back of our minds, which only resurface when we are made to meet those people or go through events that we associated with these phases of ur life???

I mean, think about it, we all have been, at some or the other point of time, insecure or in positions, where, we were uncomfortable being ourselves, and over time, we grow out of these situations, either by making new friends, meeting new people, developing new skills, so on and so forth. YET, when we look back or meet a familiar face or event from that phase, why do our insecurities come flooding out to us, and the whole change and growth, somewhere seem a li'l shallow???

Maybe, I am yet to completely outgrow that "phase", but what ever it is, I hope i dont have tio face it again, and again....... atleast as of now, I am not prepared to face itand give it my best!

AND to all my blogging frnds (Poo, l4l, Ajan, AJ, etc)..... thx a lot for chkin my posts and commenting, and sorry wasn't able to do the same, but will do it ASAP!!

Jul 16, 2007

Generation GAP!!

God, I am already feeling OLD, and I am just 21!!!

Don’t be shocked by this line, if you have a sibling or know a ‘kid’, around you, who is say between 9-12 years of age, you would know what I am talking about! Kids today (at least that is what I still would like to call them) are growing up much faster than their peers, or even we did, a couple of years ago.
Right from freaking out at movie halls and malls in the 7th Std, to going to Birthday Parties at Pizza Huts in 3rd Std, kids today are in an even bigger and faster hurry to become adults. Imagine this; a 5th grader carries a sleeker cell phone than my mom to school! and a 8th grader comes to school after streaking her hair!!!

Being a witness to my 11 year old cousin’s growing up years is becoming more of a ‘Oh-My-God-What-has-this-come-to’ than a ‘we-were-like-this-only’!!! After all the pool parties, she has gone too (I have just been to one!!) and the sort of fashion trends and style icons her classmates follow, and idolise, more than be angry, I pity them! They have no childhood to speak of! They are obsessed with weight loss, know all the difference between mascara and eyeliners, and are this short of learning about the birds and bees!!!
Thankfully, my cousin is a li’l brat who is not that hard core into this crazy stuff, (although, I was the only one who saw Charlie and the Choclate factory, at her bday party, while the 'kids' preferred to discuss saif-bipasha liasion!!!) And they are all perfectly prepared to become those factory models – the sort, you know, with straight hair, a 15” waist, make-up even in the gym and wearing the same sort of clothes- the one some hi-fi gal wore at a page 3 party last night!! I mean give me a break, they are small young innocent minds that need not know that 52 kgs is the perfect weight when your height is 5’2, but who need to know that the world is made up of more species than just the human being, and that life doesn’t treat you differently, just because you happen to wear a certain brand of clothes or that it is certainly OK if you do not fit in with a certain crowd, and that your self respect is more important than being the most popular girl in class!!!

Yes, I know the immediate next reaction to this argument is, that it is the ill effect of the media…. But hey, even we grew up when there was the media, and we didn’t turn out that bad!! Yes, they are influenced, and media is not the best of teacher of moral values and anything remotely related, but people cannot sit at one place and blame a certain entity, for spoiling the future of the kids!! I guess it’s very important that the parents and guardians take it upon themselves to teach their kids, how to think!! Yes, this is what we are missing today, we teach them values, we expect them to follow it… rather than making them understand as to why a certain thing is important or what is the effect of a certain thing, and then there is also the fact that we as a society refuse to see beyond the superficial. It’s when we stop making comments and wasting so much of our time, discussing Abhi-Ash weddings, and Paris Hilton’s Jail Stints (aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!) as if our economic future depended on it, that we can actually ask our kids to take a different outlook towards the whole situation!

Maybe its easier said than done, and I am in certainly no mood or in a hurry to give a try to parenting (lest you ask: P) but a look at the kids around, and I get a feeling to write this! Especially, as a previous volunteer with kids, and the way I see 11yr olds going about their life, these days, I am scared she and kids like her, don’t turn out to be Paris or Britney or Posh Spice!!!

Jun 24, 2007

weekend woes!!!

What’s with Weekend Television and mere mortals??? Don’t get me wrong, I aint a fan of the weekday television either, but since I don’t get to watch television during the week, and had to forcibly watch the idiot box, last weekend (thanks to a konked Cell - MP3 player and too much work to step out of the home!), I was subject to the same torture, in the name of ‘entertainment’ that my granny, mom and every other woman (and some men) have to go through for having nothing better to do on a weekend. Seriously, it makes you feel like watching TV is a crime or something… and I almost pity their state.

Here’s a look at what I saw on the telly last week…..

So, I tune to Star – and there was this Maha-boring Awards show, where everyone was ‘performing’ on stage, called IIFA or something, and trust me, I was only watching it with the hope of Sunny Paaji or Govinda dancing (come on, that’s more fun!). But, my hopes were dashed when Saif Ali chose to imitate Hrithik’s Dhoom Again (failing miserably!) However, I still would have suffered it all, when, they actually went ahead and gave a prize to Upen Patel (WAT!!!!)…. Too much, just too much… I couldn’t handle any more of this!!!

So, I switch to Star World… you can always count on them for some good shows, or so I thought! But what was I dished out…… ‘Getting gooey with gay boy’…. Or what they choose to call it, Koffee with Karan!!! Yea, so I like Konkona and Kunal Kapoor is definitely cute material, but not for heaven’s sake on GB’s show…. where all they would discuss is SRK!... sigh… and I switch again!

Zee…some crap… with some sidey types movie being played and all, deff no fun.

Switch to Sony… Salaam Namaste… the movie that gave my granny a near heart attack….no way hosey!!! (She was aghast that there could be a movie about two people living together without marriage… it was given the ‘WORSE MOVIE EVER’ tag by her in the first half itself)

So, I settled for Sahaara One… to watch something, I wouldn’t be found dead admitting to watch…. a Telugu movie dubbed in Hindi, of the great ‘Chiranjeevi’ called Inder or something…..Yea, the songs were garish and stupid, the movie made no sense, and yes, he hit out at 20 people all by himself, without getting hurt, but atleast I enjoyed myself, because that is what his movie was supposed to be, atleast it didn’t pretend to be a sophisticated chat show or a show of Hindi Movie Industry’s global acclaim…. both of which failed miserably!!!

Yea, and like partying heavily on Sunday’s, weekend telly viewing has its hangover effect too…. I found myself humming Shaka Laka Boom Boom on Monday morning (aaaa!!!) while trying to figure out, if suing the channels for torture was a wise option!!!

And before you dial for the asylum, trust me, I have sworn myself of weekend telly viewing forever!!!

P.S: BUT…… That 70’s Show is back!!! Monday’s 8:30 p.m. on Star World.......
One of the best shows ever!!!! Do watch it :)

Jun 14, 2007

so, how 'J' are you????

I have always wondered why it is so hard to express certain emotions than others, why we cannot share some of our innermost feelings with anyone, even though, they are the ones that should be ‘let-out’ in order to move on!!! And considering the fact that we all are human enough to feel and experience them…. Why they cannot be brought out in the open!

So, here I try to capture these emotions as i experience them!

Here are some random rambling of mine, I wrote when I was experiencing the big J – Jealousy

"Jealousy is all the fun you think they had" - Erica Jong, Fear of Flying, 1973

"Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius" - Fulton J. Sheen

"Jealousy is the art of injuring ourselves more than others" - Alexandre Dumas (1802 - 1870)

'After a long time, my words are refusing to take the shape of my emotions….or is it the other way round????

May be my feelings are too strong and so, my opinions are a little too raw and extreme. And expressing them in exact words is not only a bit too difficult, at this current point of time, but also, expressing them, would mean giving them a certain shape and acknowledging their presence. It would mean accepting the fact that I am, as an individual capable of so much negativity and insecurity that the only thing going on in my mind right now, is something that I am not proud of, and wouldn’t want to be associated with. It would mean acknowledging my vulnerability to be controlled by certain emotions that in an ‘oh-so-ideal’ world should not have existed in the first place!!!'

Now, here’s some food for more emotions…….. Uncontrollable emotions!!!

Will update this section as and when I find myself experiencing a strong emotion while being seated before a Computer!!! Hehehehh!!!!

Jun 9, 2007

Shot in my head!!!

Just returned after watching Shootout at Lokhandwala….. and the first thing that struck me was….. This can’t be Lokhandwala - I stay here!!!

For the uninitiated (which means, you were living in Honolulu all along…) the movie is based on an actual shootout, one of the first of the Mumbai Police Force, in 1991, of Maya Dolas and his gang, at Lokhandwala, and as a person who grew up in this place, (must have been around 5 years of age, when it happened), I have no memory of this incident, although the excitement with which my parents recount the details of that day make me wonder if I missed being a part of the Great Indian Golden era!!!

Coming back to the movie, its thankfully just a two hour affair, which begins with a sizzle…. The start is very gripping… the Sikh riots, the after effects, and definitely Abhishek!!!(My friend suggested moving out of the theatre on his death!!), and the whole plot which the Director set up, for the actual incident…
(However, I still couldn’t figure out how the Sardars were connected to Maya/ Dawood!)

It’s the middle segment that actually is the most interesting part of the movie. Be it Maya’s rise to power and Tusshar’s inclusion in his gang or simply the way the whole underworld and Police force works! A good point of the movie was that it showed the happenings of both the sides equally well…. I mean you don’t sit thinking what the Police are up to when Maya’s men are killing people or vice versa. However, in the process, you stop identifying or following one character, like you would normally do in other movies, thereby preventing you from taking ‘sides’, if I may say so.

However it’s the climax/ ending that is a bit drag. Ok, they had to show all the details of how the Police covered the area, and how the media reported, but some parts were not really necessary, like the gang members going the ‘Oh-My-God-I-Can-Die-too’ way with each other and their families or even the scene between Maya’s mother and A. A. Khan. If it was a little more etched out, yet taut maybe the film would have stayed in the mind longer and in a better way. However on the whole, the film is a must watch if you like Violent movies, or movies which are the classic good wins over bad sorts!

Now the part on all the actors! Firstly, was that Neha Dhupia, as Sanjay’s wife??? :-O I almost died laughing on the pairing! Okie, she doesn’t really have a role, so no more on her. Lets go to Abhishek!!!... small role, no dialogues, could have been done by any one! As for Dia Mirza… firstly, why does she fall in love with any and every police officer who speaks like a warrior?? I mean get real, there aren’t Knights in shining armour anymore! Secondly, apart from that she has no role, at all. Then comes Arti Chabria (I actually took pains to google her name….sigh!)… all I could say is too much cleavage and glycerine, nothing more nothing less!

And now to our heroes!!! Firstly, Rohit Roy can’t act!!! Secondly, Shabbir (ooooooh!) doesn’t look that cute on the big screen, nor does he have that acting skills that can make him stand out. Ravi Gosain and the other guy (sorry, out of patience to google any more names!) were pucca second lead characters. While Amrita Singh suited the character of Maya’s mother, she looked more like his elder sister. Tusshar Kapoor, I am sorry was FUNNY!!! I mean, he is the guy who can do Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai….. not ‘Buva’, especially the scene where he threatens and then hits Sunil Shetty…. So much for wishful thinking, heheheh! Arbaaz Khan…. God, he is goodlooking, but also is amazingly easy in the role, and brings just what the role required. Sunil Shetty is cool in his typical way, mouthing dialogues in his typical way, and showing just one emotion throughout!

Now the main two…. Sanjay Dutt and Vivek Oberoi! And for me, Sanjay Dutt wins hands down, simply because, he stops being Sanjay Dutt and is A. A. Khan all through the movie, sans exception. You soon forget that it’s just a role, and his character goes well in such roles too. Also, the ‘Old Spice’ Music that follows him in the climax… (sorry to the people in the theatre, who couldn’t hear it, thanks to my laughter!) made him feel like a HERO!!! Vivek Oberoi has acted well, yes, but sometimes, he goes overboard in trying to display Maya’s strength and power, it doesn’t come as easily to him, as it did to say, Ajay Devgan in Company, speaking of which, there were some resemblances to that classic. And I did like Vivek in that movie, I mean we all, 5 giggling underage girls who sneeked into the adult movie, loved it when he blushed in that cute scene with Antara Mali (teenage is crazy!!!) but this movie doesn’t get the same effect on me, as his role in Company did, even otherwise.

So, overall while the movie is a good watch, it does have its flaws. It isn’t a movie that can change or create a sort of impact that other similar movies like Gardish, Company, etc did, but it can be watched just because it ends in two hours, is to the point most of the times and doesn’t preach anything. However you should not go to watch it for its songs..(crazy lines, no music or dance and too much cleavage…shudder!!!) , definitely not for Rakhi Sawant’s special appearance (no, its’ not an item song!) or for some crime history fact finding. It’s a serious movie without being taxing on your brains… no doubt all the guys I knew liked the movie, and recommended it! As for me, when is my DVD copy of Cheeni Kum, coming????

Jun 8, 2007

some tough decisions

"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them."

-- Kahlil Gibran

what do you do, when you have to make a choice between what is right and what you want to do???

yes, it's a tough choice for sure, because either ways, there will be disappointment and fear of failure.......

if you do what is right, you regret not being able to do what you wanted......

and if you make the other choice, you know what you have chosen was not the right choice to make........

is it just God's way of making us aware, that we cannot have EVERYTHING???

or is it just that what we consider right and wrong, sometimes might not be applicable for us..... making us reconsider them and our views on the same.......

too confusing..... but all i know is, we are defined by our decisions and we create our future by our choices.....

now if only, one knew how to make a decision and not feel bad or regret not taking the other route!

Finally, a quote that sums it all......

"To decide to be at the level of choice, is to take responsibility for your life and to be in control of your life."

- Arbie M. Dale

Jun 1, 2007

And it Rained!!!!

And it rained last night…. After months of unbearable heat!!! Although we get to know of the rains by the sweet smell of the wet mud, and the lightning, this time, I got the message via sms from a friend, informing me of its arrival….. and the plans of getting wet! So much for timing….. when I was having a pathetic day, and with my exams approaching…. My friend’s getting wet plans were the last thing, I wanted to hear!! (Not that I didn’t get wet….. 4 times to be precise…. At Dharamasthala!...but still)

Rains have always been the single most important event in my life, that occur every year…..apart from the annual Dassera celebrations we hold at our home. Since school times, rains have just meant one thing to me…. That is a new start!!! Rains signify start of a new school year, a new college term, a new seson…… but for me, also a chance to make a new beginning…. And yesterday night, when I was so busy, feeling sick and pondering on where I am headed to in life…. the rains couldn’t have had a more dramatic entry, and with lightning and thunderstorms, probably, in an almost “filmy” way!!!

As I was saying earlier, rains have always taught me something in life….. right from helping me realize the unimportance of cribbing (when I had to walk for half an hour in rains, without an umbrella….) to enjoying every single event that takes place (same incident!!) to how harsh nature could be, and how privileged I was…(26/7….. need I say more???) and I am waiting for my lessons this year….. hopefully, they will help me achieve something, I have been wanting to, recently!!!

And being a Mumbaikar, I sincerely hope, we don’t have to encounter 26/7 again ….ever!!! Also, I wish the Rain Gods bless the country….not curse it!

On another note…. I have exams from tomorrow, and I need to be studying at this precise moment….. so, will leave it at that!!!


(p.s.: MUCH against my wishes..... i have been "forced" to stick to one color for my posts.... by some people who are extremely good at blackmailing me )

May 29, 2007

Love Guru

Everyone seems to be having trouble in their love lives!. Well, almost everyone. And as usual, I end up playing the Love Guru to most of them!!!(it surprises me too….considering my relationship count is zilch!)

But such is life…. sometimes we end up advising people on things we ourselves have absolutely no clue about! (happens all the time with me!). Well I had almost stopped playing this role, because, I actually found better things to do, and suddenly, my friends became mature enough to solve their own love mess…[seems the transition was only temporary though :( ] ….but again I see myself getting dragged amidst fights on ‘you don’t care for me anymore’ to discussions about ‘I think he’s cheating on me’….sigh!!!

I think my role as Love Guru started way back in the 8th std…. when one of my best friends back then, ‘Nee’ started disclosing his crushes to me, and considering that he had a new crush almost every other week, I had to sit through hours of ‘u know what makes this gal spl…..’crap. Although it was fun back then, as I was yet to experience my own “first crush”…. It soon extended to almost all my other friends! Right from V’s 4 year ‘on-off’ relation with a gal, to HP’s heartbreak to my own best friend’s mess….. heard it, know it all, And for once I realized, being a person who can keep secrets well, doesn’t always work in your favour!!

It extended to college too….not withstanding my changing group of friends, I almost knew everyone’s story…and the other half’s version included!! I would really have had no problem helping any of my friends (and some random strangers, too) in solving their problems… if I had any real experience or even an outlook that was suited for these kind of lovey- dovey stuff. But considering the boring practical, almost unromantic views I hold of these relationships, and absolute no intentions, whatsoever of getting into one of these relationships, any time soon, sometimes, I just feel, that my own advise is rubbish! completely withdrawn from what actually might be the reality…… almost like Malabar Hill activists ‘feeling’ for the poor oppressed street people!!!!

I just happened to casually mention this to a friend, and her response was totally crazy, yet made sense. She was like, ‘Since you aren’t into it, you look at it in a practical angle…..which they can’t seem to see.’ ……….hmmm….. So basically Lovers ARE blind, eh!!!.... *evil grin*

And just in case anyone cares to wonder, why I myself am so against luv-shuv…… my mantra is…Life is complicated enough……try to keep it simple, stay single, stay happy, and enjoy!!! :D

(p.s: the pic is some random thing i flicked from a google search...... i know it doesn't make sense....but is it supposed to??? )

May 24, 2007

THE trip!!!!!!!

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
John Lennon, "Beautiful Boy"

Some experiences in life do create a lasting impact on each of us. You know the sort that let you realise your own possibilities and give you a completely different outlook on life!!

Well my recent trip to Manglore was one such! Actually, my cousin's visit was more of the eye opener...... the trip just served the purpose of helping me realise it better! Well just the two of us went to this crazy place, called 'Dharamasthala' which can be called as a rehab centre (no actually, its just our name for it..)

Life was good before i went there, but it just became better, infact much better, and well everyone who knows me, has noticed the difference it's got on me......

You know sometimes you just go through each and everyday in your life, without actually "LIVING" it....unless you get an 'aha!!!" moment, where things begin to fall in the right perspective and you start appreciating, what exactly you have around you? Well had quite a few 'happy realisation' moments in there..... :D

(well the source above isn't really 'my type' of an inspiration........but the quote suits the situation pretty well!!!)

Need to put everything down, because there is so much to write.....will get back to doing that later!!!

p.s: just realised..... lots of posts ending wid need to get back later..... am i bad @ time mgmt?? or hv i become a workaholic????
(Saaa nd VJ will deff agre wid me... hv stood them up, u see!!)

Mar 14, 2007

Changing equations...........

Different people get different insights in our life! They teach you something new, give you experiences, you never would have had, otherwise. They can sometimes alter your perspective towards a lot of things, completely! Well, whether we like it or not, people do affect our lives, thoughts and approach, and this whole process is worth every effort, every heart ache, and every bad friendship, we might have encountered - because at the end of the day, they teach us something new too, right?

Well, some of us, unfortunately, miss the whole experience, because, we prefer to put ourselves in our own closed world, shying away from experiencing new friendships, from feeling them within us and around us. I was, and to some extent, still am, one of those! (OK.......ALL MY FRIENDS TAKE A BOW, FOR DRILLING THIS IN MY HEAD!!!)

No, but seriously, its only recently, that I have started to actually understand what I just might have missed...... sure, I have some amazing friends, great memories, and wonderful family, but for a change, I am ready to experience the company of people beyond my comfort zone, which I had shut myself up from, for various reasons.... right from my fear of encountering betrayals from friends, to the whole, I am too cool to be nice phases! Yea, i still am not THAT comfy with absolute strangers asking me personal questions, but, I guess, making an effort to be more tolerant and 'open' towards others would be a right step ahead, watsay????

Would just like to say a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU to my special friends Rosh, Rids, Nemo, Sona, Saks ..........because i felt like it!!!

Mar 6, 2007

My current state of mind

Well, another week passed away! and this was one of those weeks where nothing much was happening around me, but a lot was being played on in my mind, amidst my attempts to clear my mind clutter (its starting to sound like Chappell's process now, hee hee hee) ,here is something that I am feeling about my life in general, as it exists now....

On the work front.... well, the 2 day break, and a more conscious attempt to keep my attitude more positive, things are looking up after a long long time... i am again, pretty enthusiastic to learn more, to do more work, and achieve my goal!

On the studies front. started bit by bit, studying, making an attempt to work harder than i can, and maintaining my focus

On the personal front..... well, two-three important aspects, to be considered here..... my approach towards my job, and a certain sense of purpose, has brought back the laughter back in my life. A while back, I had turned into a screaming machine - snapping at everone and everything, putting glum faces, doing nothing, etc..... slowly but surely I am turning "NORMAL" again!

Secondly, certain things have seemed to fall into place for me now. I need to mainatin a balance between my personal and professional life....I need to start meeting my friends again, do things, I used to do earlier..... hang out again (been ages since i did that!)..... also i need to get out of this virtual world, which i had created for myself! I mean, its great, but deff no substitue for the real! To think about it, I myself, am not the same way, as I project to be online, then how can I expect, or even think that the other person, sitting somewhere, far away from me, is what he/she projects????? Dont get me wrong here. made some good friends, genuine people, who bring a smile during the day, but is that enough for my existence???? And lets be honest, it might not even last that long, you know! So i deff need to go out, take some pains, to maintain relations, and shed some inhibitions!

Speaking about inhibitions, my resolve, to try shedding my attitude, and smiling and speaking to people whom I know, isn't working :( Maybe I am a li'l scared that the response wouldn't be so good, or may be I'm not motivated enough, but its currently not working....... need to think and resolve that one!

Well, just this for now...... dont have enough time to delve on "everything" going on through my brains, right now, but ya...gotta post laters!