Jan 11, 2007


hmm...... change...... what a wierd phenomena! seriously, each of us has a different take on it, but no one can deny that it is one of the single most thing which people experience universally! i mean, u may not have even experienced love, but you wouuld have experienced change!

personally, it creeps me out! yup, am no poster gal for change. it has been a part of my life all along, and coping with it has been the single most daunting task, i have ever done. it has made me go through different experiences, different people, different emotions.......well u can say change has definately changed me! but yet the idea of change freaks me out! and i know im not the only one here, who feels so, yet sometimes i wonder, why i detest change so much--- that too only in certain aspects in my life - mainly personal life.

i think the only reason ppl in general, incl me, are not comfortable with it, is because we fear that we would be unable to cope with the new! its our insecurities that get the better of us, when we rather accept the fact that we hate change, than accept the fact that there is a need for us to change! i mean, it's better to hate a thing, than a part of us, right?

well the observation may be right, but my attitude is definately not! i know i need to change it (there u go-change!!!!!) but easier said than done! accepting the need for change requires me to accept a lot of things, which i personally would not like, or even situations, i wouldnot want to be in! its here that i am stuck with - between an old habit and a desperate need to move ahead - definately my choice is clear, but the method i need to adopt is not tht clear..... still confused on that aspect!

watch this space for further developments!!! :D

Jan 6, 2007


well the recent much publicised case, about Noida killings has actually shook the nation, bringing to light the existence of people with abnormal intentions and mindsets and their existence in our society. Ofcourse, serial killers are not new in Indian history - right from the Mumbai serial killer, whose case is yet to be solved by Mumbai Police, or the Pardhi case - the youngest serial killer in the country, or Charles Shobhraj- they have always captured the country's imagination and press coverage alike.
Yet, the awareness or rather the attitude towards such people is rather indifferent. The previous month's edition of Readers' Digest mentioned a survey that found that almost 1% of the world population do not have any conscience- yes so most of us would have known atleast one psychopath in our lives, at some point of time! This just makes one wonder, how can one protet oneself from such people, and whether such protection is , well, actually possible!
Mostly, psychos aren't that different from u and me, in the sense, they donot actually look crazy....like mad people, but the way they think, is totally wierd, to say the least! And research says that its usually people with a bad, scarred childhood that end up like this, or worse, some kids, with perfectly normal childhood, may even be actual psychopaths, due to their mental mindset! i'm not talking about kids who are always into fist fights, but kids who poison their pet and watch it die, with absolutely no remorse, in them! (scary!!!!) Although there isn't a cure as such for this illness (what else can u call it???) there are some symptoms - firstly abnormal thoughts or intentions, actions that defy logic, to say the least, total loners or even people who might be very famous, but are so lost without this recognition and adulation.
The only safe way, is to trust your gut instinct - the sure shot way, that when u feel that something's wrong with a person, trust yourself, rather than what the person is making you believe! I also feel its high time, that unless a cure as such is found for it - self protection, alongwith more awareness about people around you, and about the happenings in general, are your only bet to protect yourself and your family from such people!!!