Dec 30, 2010

10 things of '10

The look on my face must have been priceless, for she burst out laughing! Yes, I was surely stumped, by a silly fact when someone told me that 2010 was ending! WHAT… SO SOON! Oh man, just when I was getting used to ending my dates with 10 (pun unintended), it was time to change…. So not fair, I cried!

Well, stupid remarks aside, 2010 has just flown by…. I guess, it’s the same with most good years… and looking back, 2010 has been one of the better ones, for sure :) And like all the people who matter and those who don’t, I have my own views on how the year was, for me!

I have had an O. K. 2009, so when I did look back at the post I did, welcoming 2010 I realized that most of the stuff written in there still holds so true… and most of all, I did actually follow and do a lot of the things I had written in there... well, that’s a first!

So, technically speaking, 2010 was more of learning from 2009 and as happens with most of the “good times” in our lives, we learn little, live a lot and (as happens with me) become even more restless! Sure, I like a good life, but then, it gives you pretty staid topics to blog about, right...especially if you’re blogging after ages and what you write looks rustic)

Cutting short my stupid rambling, here are the things that made 2010 memorable, in no random order…

Laughter: Hell, I have laughed more in this year than the last 2 years together! Don’t get me wrong, my life isn’t that bad, that I remember each time I laughed, but I have surely laughed my head out on so many occasions and with so many different people, that its been an pretty good! :)

Vacation: I have seldom taken a month long vacation, after I began working. Rather, I used to think, I would go crazy if I ever was off work for more than a week… workaholic and all that. Turns out, most of it is bullshit. My entire February was spent in Bangalore. How I fell in love with that city, which had an amazing (though dry) weather and an awesome cake shop! But what really made it the most memorable was the people I was with. Each one of them made it special. The late nights, the dancing, the crazy stuff I can’t squeal here and the amount of food and sweets! Yay!! 

But, even after Feb, I have been on these silly short trips more than a couple of times, with different set of people, and it has been amazing every time! Now, I suppose it’s time to get over the laziness quotient and get myself a passport and go international! (Please stop rolling your eyes, guys!)

People: 2010 has been a lot about people! New friends, old acquaintances, and plenty of people somewhere in the middle. Made my share of mistakes, others made their too… but thankfully, sensibilities prevailed! I love it, when people you’ve known in what seems like a previous life & lost touch with, suddenly re-enter your life in a pretty different avatar! It’s like unlearning quite a bit about them and knowing them again! Mostly a pleasure :)

            Marriage: Not mine…. Yet! But my close friends, for sure. So many of them got married in ’10 that it could easily be re-christened to be the year of weddings! (Sorry, 2009). And here is an interesting insight… for someone who loathes attending family weddings (unless they are close), I actually had a blast in each of my friend’s weddings! Surprising! Maybe it was the fact that seeing them happy and beaming was contagious… maybe it was coz I was out of option, or maybe it was because of the behind the scenes goss I was a part of… but friends’ marriages were fun!

Arranged Marriage: HA HA HA… I cant believe I am actually writing this, but the entire process of “Arranged Marriage” has pretty much changed me, in a few ways! For starters, it got me to re-look the entire question of “what I want”…. Since I got my answer to “what I don’t want”! At the cost of risking my entire future and sounding stupid, let me say this…. When it comes to these things, instinct wins over logic! By far!!

Work: Bummer, u say?! Hehehe… I love my work and well, it was amazing this year! All the stuff seemed easier to manage, people easier to lead and work more interesting than ever! Hopefully, this is the beginning of an upward curve! Wish I could share most of my work insights here, but I doubt they’d make sense…

Patience: THE VIRTUE to have! Seriously!! I can’t imagine how I could get by life so far without having any of it, and trust me, I lack it big time! But 2010 has definitely made me so much more patient. Sometimes, one needs to have patience for not only oneself but even for others around you. And boy, its hard… really hard! A lot of things make so much more sense over time, and patience makes you a better person!

Ya, this seems to be as much as I could write for now…. Maybe could update this some other time as well! So, people, happy New Year and all that jazz! Hope 2011 is an awesome year… and make sure, you make it awesome… coz you never know, the world might end in 2012! :P

Oh, and just another note to people (not everyone, you know who you are): I am cybernating right now… yep, off web… no emails/ no chat/ no facebook (Deactivated)/ no twitter…. Not for some time… Brining in the new years in a remote place, just the way I want to…. Quietly and at peace…. But, this cybernation may go on for more than that…. (typically me, na!)… So, don’t fret and fume if you don’t hear from me for a while now… Enjoy it, while it lasts ;)