Oct 30, 2008

Meredith says....

"At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out, they fence you in. Life is messy, that's how we're made. So you can waste your life drawing lines or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines that are way too dangerous to cross. Here's what I know. If you're willing to throw caution to the wind and take a chance, the view from the other side... is spectacular."


"I've heard that it’s possible to grow up, I've just never met anyone who’s actually done it. Without parents to defy, we break the rules we make for ourselves. We throw tantrums when things don’t go our way. We whisper secrets with our best friend, in the dark. We look for comfort where we can find it. And we hope against all logic, against all experience, like children, we never giveup hope."


"After careful consideration and many sleepless nights, here’s what I've decided. There's no such thing as a grown-up. We move out, we move away from our families. But the basic insecurities, the fears and all the old wounds just grow up with us. Just when you think life has forced you to truly become an adult, your mother says something like that. We get bigger, taller, older. But, for the most part, we're still a bunch of kids, running around the playground, trying desperately to fit in."


"No matter how hard we try to ignore or deny it, eventually the lies fall away, like it or not. But here's the truth about the truth. It hurts. So we lie."


“Sometimes reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass.And when the dam bursts, all you can do is swim.The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon.We can only lie to ourselves for so long.We are tired, we are scared, denying it doesn't change the truth.Sooner or later we have to put aside our denial and face the world. Head on, guns blazing."De Nile"(denial).It's not just a river in Egypt, it's a freakin' ocean. So how do you keep from drowning in it?”

Quotes by from Grey's Anatomy', currently my favorite series on television

Oct 19, 2008

its transitional....

Sometimes life gives u funny incidents to quote, beautiful memories to cherish and wonderful people to share it with, and then suddenly, it stops! The incidents dry up, memories turn sour and people start disappearing….

But not for long, new people turn up, new incidents take place, new memories are built and old incidents and people, who once were a ‘part’ of your life, now come under the heading of ‘experiences’ !!

Such is life… it simply goes on! :) :)