Jun 15, 2009

Shopper's STOP!!

This simply reminds me of that day when Nee and me just went crazy on the streets of Mumbai trying to find a pair of glares for me!

Well, honestly, that was never the intention, but it was just 'another thing we could be doing on our spree' that ended up being THE FOCUS of our travails!!

Shopping with my friends has surely been 'momentous' for me!

Earlier during college, i remember making DD and Son wade through numeroous shops searching for 'THE PERFECT PAIR OF SHOES' (trust the prince got cindrella's pair done in half the time!) The look on their faces and their screams when the shopkeeper threteaned to show more pairs of shoes, once we were done, was beyond explanation!!... am sure, he still has nightmares about these two ladies!!

And ask ANY of my friends, how much 'FUN' it is to shop for music and books with me - they could easily go stroll, eat, sleep, put in a day of work, and be back, and chances of me noticing their absence is well, NIL!

As for shopping for anything else.... heheheeh.... i simply hate shopping, so no chances of us doing something of that sort together anytime!!

Here is a heartfelt thanks to all of those who have had the patience to withstand my 'day at the mall' antics!... it must be tough being you then.... LOL

and just why did i post this.... read the first line, dumbos!! :P

Jun 14, 2009

hey, i watch chick-flicks too...

I have been having a huge writer’s block! No matter what I try to pen, it just doesn’t live up to what I want to communicate, and without giving it much thought, I simply deride my own attempt at putting up a decent blog post, and move on to doing something else (used to be FB Quizzes, before I decided to delete my account!)

But today, am going to write, something, anything, nothing!! Ofcourse, I am not making sense, but I am writing (I might need to see a doc after this).

Anyways, I watched a movie after a really long time today! Thanks to the strike and the absolutely pathetic movies releasing prior to the commencement of the strike, it had been quite a while since I set foot in a theatre! The last time I had entered a theatre, well, someone was still in India, someone was still alive, I hadn’t met a few people, and our house was nearing eight years of neglect and no-repair!

Anyways, the movie I saw was a sweet and a very typical ‘chick-flick’ called Bride Wars! Now, before you smirk and judge me, let me tell you, it’s the sort of movie I would secretly watch on Star Movies, and never admit it (heck, I just did!!), but I couldn’t have found a better movie to watch with my best friend! Also, it’s a very ‘in-the-right-frame-of-mind’ movie, if you are not feeling ‘girlie’ enough (don’t ask me what that’s to mean), this would be a bore, cardboard cut out of any other movie from the same genre!

Without giving away too much, let me tell you what the movie does have – two cute ‘best friends’, gorgeous almost-perfect boyfriends & secret lovers, and loads of emotional and funny moments* and thankfully, the movie DOESN’T HAVE is a vamp, a love triangle and unnecessary drama! A perfect watch for all you girls out there before you start your stressful and hectic week! And for heaven’s sake, leave the poor guys out of this one, because, they won’t have a clue what is so funny, when two friends meet to bitch about someone, or what is so touching when one of them decides to do something ‘awwwwww’ for another!

The movie has a simple message – some relations and friendships are forever, don’t let your ego get in the way, because you would be doing as much damage to yourself, as to the other person and the relation! Reminds my college professor’s words, which I cherish till date – is your friendship/ relation so frail and cheap that something so simple can break it? Alternatively, do think when you give something as much importance to let it affect your view and assumption on someone, if it’s all really worth it?... really, is it?

* applicable only for giggling girls...

oh, also, i know this post totally makes me sound like a dumb blonde, but let me tell you, the black's an original!

Jun 5, 2009

random thoughts... part (lost count)

why is it, that ever so often we are forced to stop and think?

ever so often to stop and breathe and realise we are still only alive, but don't feel so?

why do we need to fix an appointment with self to sit and sort out our emotions and head, rather than just feel them?

................ searching for answers :)