Feb 21, 2009

Your Personality Type: Manager
Your flexibility, hard-working attitude, and organizational skills make you the Manager. Your ability to juggle tasks, follow through, and manage people is admirable, and your firm but responsive attitude gains you respect. You love trying out new ideas and methods to perform tasks, and you don't get discouraged if things don't work out as planned. You are relatively outgoing - you make sure that the people around you are happy, and do what you can to help when they're not. When people come to you with their problems, you reflect thoughtfully on the issue, and don't give up until you reach some kind of insight or creative solution. Like many people, you occasionally experience rocky emotions and disagreeable moods, but you can usually get back on track with minimal effort.
Statutory Warning: It has 187 Questions!!!.... so, only if you can handle it!

Feb 18, 2009


My second tag in less than a week… by my own blood… *sniff* … on the ONE thing that may really bond us…. FOOD… and to make it REALLY tempting, am gonna answer it with pictures too….

So, here I dish out the answers…. Bon Appetit!

1. One dish you can crave for any given time of the day/ night/ situation?

Nice fish/ prawn ghassi made by mamama….. ANYTIME, really!

2. One dish you'd never had and would love to regardless of the expense?

Ever since I studied French, I have been wanting to taste the cheese fondue, and Gannat….
3. Most expensive dish you've ever had?

Can’t remember really…. May be the so called “grand” lunch, we had at Olive… well, it wasn’t really worth all the fuss…. More of salads and pastas that cost a BOMB!

4. Most bizarre dish you've ever seen or tasted? Like totally blown your socks off! Makes you gag every single time your lay your eyes on it. (Hope you've got the point by now: P)

Ohh…. As a kid, one of my classmates would get something for the break, and scare us saying it is Dog Meat : :…. Well, nothing other than that has made me go :O

(i'll refrain from pasting what Google Search threw up as results.... pretty disturbing!)

5. Your poison?

Iced Tea – Lemon Flavor and Water

6. One a lonely rainy day, your sitting cozily on your sofa, you'd crave for?

Hot tea and Sweet Corn … the butta variety….

7. First forbidden savory you'd crave for while you've been sick?

Chocolate Pastry, anyone? (Evil smile)

8. Your all time favorite TV snack:

Veg Cheese Grill Sandwich and Frankie!

9. On your first ever kitchen experience you prepared:

Tea and Dosa…. Though they looked something else….

But my most memorable kitchen experience was when Sonam and I messed up Maggi… yeah yeah… we have our ways :P

10. After a tiring day at work/ college/shopping/loitering you'd loved to come home to?

Rice, Dal and maybe a nice simple upkari/ bhajji of some sort!

11. A cuisine your most comfortable with:

Other than Konkani, I really enjoy Thai…. Simple and suits my taste!
12. A snack which you loved A LOT back when you were a kid and still love it till date?

Peppy Peppy Peppy….

13. A dish which your mum makes/ used to which you simply adore?

Hmm… should be chicken sukke…. Been ages though *reminisces*

14. Most expensive dish you ever had?

Oye, amnesiac….. check question No. 3!!

15. What you're eating RIGHT NOW? or had immediately before?

Apple : : : ….. Dieting anyone ?!!

Just when you thought it was all over...BONUS! (Don't cha love em?) ;)*16. Your friends are coming over on short notice. You have half an hour. How would save your dignity by being hospitable and feed your friends? (Considering you can't take them to a restaurant)

Ohh…. I’ll order in, and just in case am short on cash…. Will ask them to pay :P
And if I have to Tag someone.... i'll tag... Equi, Ram and Ajay !......
Happy Eating :)

Feb 16, 2009

Symptoms of...

Do you have following symptoms?...

- usually experience a combination of positive thoughts (i.e. hallucinations, delusions, racing thoughts) and Cognitive thoughts (disorganized thoughts, difficulty concentrating and/or following instructions, difficulty completing tasks, memory problems).

- Blank, vacant facial expression.

- Overly acute senses

- Staring, while in deep thought, with infrequent blinking.

- Clumsy, inexact motor skills

- Sleep disturbances- insomnia or excessive sleeping

And you keep calling yourself an idiot…

go check with a doctor, you might have schizophrenia!

What did you think it was?...

Tagged by T ... part 2

So, the hot and happening Anamika has tagged me (just felt like calling her that!) … and here are my answers...

I can see few faces (three to be exact) scowling, because their Tags have as yet been unanswered… all I can say is “patience ladies!” :D

So, here we start the
filmy tag-o-war!

1- Which was the movie that you had waited for with anticipation and turned out to be an utter dud?

Quite a few… most recent being Luck By Chance…. Was going to the movies after a while, and had quite a few expectations… as for my comments on the movie, the less said the better!

2- Which was the one most ridiculously stupid movie you watched in a theatre and then thought that you might as well have thrown that money in a well for all it was worth?

Oh, quite a few… I do that all the time… Kyun Ho Gaya Na is the first I remember! Followed by Jaane tu (I paid for a friend’s ticket too, u see!), and quite a few back in college days!
3- If you had to be in a movie or a scene that you would want really really to be something that happened in real life, which would that movie or scene be and which character would you be?
Hmm… my first thought… Godzilla… would love to be like the monster destroying around entire cities… what fun!... glee :P

4- Write three songs that would tell me what you lovvvvvvvvvve to do in your spare time...
Hmm… ok… here it goes…

1. Main to raste se jaa raha tha… (eating icecream, bhel puri, anything to be apt!)
2. likhe to khat tujhe, who teri yaad main (writing)
3. gaata rahe mera dil…(singing)

and here is a bonus…. Musafir hun yaaron… (traveling!)

5- Name a movie you actually thought was better than the book or atleast did justice to the book...

The first part of Harry Potter…. Brilliantly put! And Namesake…. Really moving :)
6- You are on a desert island... you found the island genie who granted you on wish that he would bring one person to join you on your exile... You have told the genie who you want that to be... apparently the genie isn't all that magical... he went to get that person and you are waiting for the procrastinating genie to get back with that person... What song do you sing while you wait?

Wow… u really put in a lot of thought to this Tag, girl…. Hee hee

Anyways…. The song, one of my favorites, would be boondon se baatein from the movie Thakshak
7- One song on your IPOD/mobile that was a huge hit a few months/years ago and the radio stations used to play every hour and seem to have forgotten all about now that you tend to listen to often enough

In Dino… from the movie Life in a Metro… used to hear it a lot back then, and do so now too!

8- One song that reminds you of somebody or a group of people... Do inform why it causes you to reminisce...
Ohh, way too many…. Starting from chanda re (sapnay) to the latest being “Jaane Kyun” from Dostana dedicated to Shantala… it is the most apt song, to describe how we pulled each other through some personal rut recently…

Psst… she dedicated the song to me too :D

9- The one movie you saw most recently and which lived upto all your expectations if not more...

None… have you seen the recent spate of movies??!.... make you regret being alive!

10- The one song you have heard atleast twice today... either on the radio or the cell or on TV...

Massakalli… from Delhi 6, followed by Kaise Mujhe from Ghajini!.... its played forever on the FM!
Bonus Question: In view of today being Valentine's day... Well it was when I started thinking of this tag, type down song which is meant to be romantic, but the lyrics make you think otherwise (There are a lot of Govinda songs I know, but try to think of a song not many people would know or think of)

I think Valentines Day is a rather staid and boring concept… but just for you, the “funny love song” can be ruk ruk ruk, arey baba ruk, oh my darling give me a look….
(imagine Tabu in checkered slacks and dancing mickey mouse, singing this for Ajay Devgan… get the picture?!)
Also, "Hello" by Lionel Richie... it sounds more like one of Purnima's stalkers... hee hee

I have to Tag Shaneee, Mits, Gauri and Alice

Feb 2, 2009

Thats the way it is

I cried this weekend…

Watching the
Australian Open 2009 Men’s Final was a treat for every tennis lover, more so if you are a fan of Roger and Rafa. Not only was the five setter one of the best played in recent times by both of them, it also exhibited the reason the two of them are so truly loved the world over! The post match ceremony would be remembered for years – the day when Roger cried, when you got to see what true “competition” means, when Rod Laver, one of the all time greats gave away the trophy to NOT his favorite, but someone who could be added to the list some day, the day when a new order was taking over the world of Tennis!

The AMAZING crowd that Australian Open is known for and its support to Federer was best summed up by the Master of the Ceremony: “If Australia were to adopt an International Sports Star, it would be him!” What followed was a 15 minute standing ovation!

I can wax eloquent over the match and the post match ceremony, but simply put, if there is ONE thing which stuck me, about the two men, and which is exactly what separates them from the rest, is their approach to the game! Usually, in a sport, more than any other profession, competitors tend to take things personally. A loss is taken as a personal assault, notwithstanding the fact that the other person might have been better in the game! However, when you see the attitude of Roger and Rafa (Which I think he has happily picked from Roger himself) you realize how much they love the game! A good move of the opponent, a neat trick and each other’s success in advancing the game is always appreciated! Here, the personal victory doesn’t matter as much as improvement of the game does. At the end of the day, the aim is to give your best to the game that has given you everything else!

This is what I think is “Attitude” and what makes Roger one of the best, and Nadal the erstwhile successor! If only more people had this attitude, competition would be so much more FUN!

Till the next big slam!!

Ciao ;)