Dec 12, 2011

Introducing "H"

On being chided by me, for being obsessed about a CNBC report on the weakening rupee than about his wife –

He (taking me in his arms): Tu-chi migel Rupee ani tu-chi migel Dollar nhave !
(Roughly translated into You only are my Rupee and you are my Dollar, na!)

Me: !!!!!

And that I believe to be the “best” compliment to have been received from him. Not that he doesn’t say nice, romantic and sugary stuff, in fact sometimes more than necessary (but am not complaining), but for a person who has spent last 10 years mastering Risk Assessment in Foreign Exchange Markets, this line means a lot more than what I, a laywoman would understand.

Who is he, you ask? Oh, let me introduce you to my husband. Yes, i got married on November 14, 2011. In 2 days i celebrate my first month of marriage and the journey so far has been simply beautiful.

Without boring everyone on the details of who, what, when, why, where and how, I’ll simply state some random facts about H (yea, that’s what i call him) –
  • He is a complete sports freak, I have had no connection with sports in my last seven lives.

  • The most romantic thing he’s done for me would be scourging for a impossible to obtain copy of Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy :)

  • He is a happy and sunshine-ish person (touchwood) with a serious face, whereas despite that entire Colgate smile plastered on me, i can get dark and twisted inside. He’s helped me brighten those gaps :)

  • He is not like any other person I have met till date – Calm, collected and Intelligent. I never knew that any person could be this calm and steady. Diametrically opposite to my wavering, moody and temperamental emotional nature. His steady nature, holds me together. :)

  • while he comes from a family of three boys, I come from a family, where the number of women outweigh the number of men, by a good measure. This reflects widely in the nature of our approach and conversations – while he is to-the-point, matter-of-fact sort of a person who’ll believe in being practical and working towards solutions, I am the sort who delves into emotions, tries to understand the cause and thinking behind events and people, rather than results. Our conversations end up being rather hilarious. :)

  • He is a people-oriented fun person who talks less, while I am more of an anti-social pretentious snob who talks a lot. Ironic? That’s how we are.
That's us! :D

As different as chalk and cheese, nay? Not really. What we really bonded on, were the things that actually matter and are unlikely to change in the future – things like our values, vision for the future, attitude towards life and people, love of philanthropy and travelling.  He is a wonderful husband and I can’t help but thank my stars for helping me make the correct decision of saying a yes to him. Should I have had to do it all over again, I would have still made the same decision.
(I can very well imagine H’s blushing face as he finishes reading this. FYI, H does not really like the topics I write, says it’s too dark and unhappy. Hope you’ll enjoy this one, dear!)

So, that’s what’s kept me out of action for the whole of last 6 odd months from the blogosphere (am not talking of the laziness and writer’s block here, am i?) and life’s pretty much changed to a large extent. The change has been a wonderful opportunity to let go of the old and welcome the new, but it’s a change nevertheless. Crossing my fingers to see how it goes.

My parting shot – marriage with the right person, is totally worth it! More on the entire experience, later!

I would like to end this post with the lines from Celine Dion’s song I’m Alive

That I'll be the one standing by
Through good and through trying times
And it's only begun
I can't wait for the rest of my life

In fact, go hear the entire song, it’s just beautiful and apt! :D

Oh, by the way, totally want to say, the inspiration for this post is from Tejaswini and Purnima’s recent posts, got me all mushy and happy to share. You Go Girls!!