Dec 31, 2009

Current Status: Decluttering in Progress

The more lost you are the more you have to look forward to. So what do you know? I'm having a great time and I don't even know it.

A year goes by, a new one begins... a phase comes to an end, a new one commences...

change is an almost certain thing in all our lives, but as a human, it is also true, that we collect every little thing which affects us, and keep it with us, within us, safe and sound... people, memories, experiences, teachings, thoughts, philosophies...

the human mind is a wonderful storage/ hoarding box indeed, but there does come a point in our lives when the box seems too full to be handled... and to make space for new things, new people, memories, experiences and events and happenings, and feelings, we need to give up on a few old ones, let go of those that have no reason to remain, choose what shall continue in our lives, and just remember to be a little less caught up again...

and while i proceed on this little de-cluttering journey of my own, anyone whose known me, will know, how i cherish my space, my freedom, while doing so...

so, will not be on Google Talk, Facebook, Orkut or any other interactive site for some time, that is, until the mind is free enough to make space for better things... i don't know how long this may last, a week, a month, or for all i know, a day...

So long then... Happy New Year and all that ! :)

Cheers !

09 lessons of 2009

Warning: It's going to be a pretty long post, so fasten your belts !

Hello people, been a real long time since i had a chance to blog about something which i felt like writing about! There have been quite a lot of things happening of late, plentiful things which have had much of an impact, on me, but wasn't sure i would be comfortable writing about every small (relatively) thing happening in my life! (WTH, am just giving a reason for my procrastination :P ) And after spending a year, in which i turned 24, got a few more grey hair, re-discovered a couple of philosophies, became a Company Secretary, discovered what hostel life can be, made a few good new friends, lost touch with quite a few, saw most of my close ones getting married/ committed/ engaged, etc and had real trouble adjusting to the change in my position and expectations of people around me and myself, changed to the point i couldn't recognize my own self in the mirror, had a lowdown, and returned, celebrated my birthday for the first time in the last three years, and probably will 'not-be-studying' for the New Years, in an equally long gap, this year has taught me quite a lot! Not that i had an absolutely amazing time or anything, but i wouldn't substitute it for anything!

So, here is a list of NINE things i learnt in the year of 2009 (trust me, the list could have easily been longer):

09 - Change, before you HAVE to ! Sticking on to the past, refusing to change, is just going to make you end up in a real bad shape. So, accept CHANGE, make it your friend, for it makes for a very BAD Enemy!

08 - Never say NEVER. Each of us change, each of us gets on with life, seldom does anyone stay where we left them, and hence, neither do relations. They will always evolve! Your best friend, at some point of time, would not have a clue of what you are undergoing currently, or a one-time hated personality, could turn into one of the closest buddies, you could have asked for... the point here is: Judgment + Perception + Our Thoughts = Very bad basis for determining the people in our life.

07 - *ALL Quite a few young men think from their Pants. Period.

06 - Friendship is a completely relative term. And so are most other things in life. The point is, everything and everyone is Grey. Only old movies are Black and White. So, you can either sit on the fence, judge and criticize them and blabber all that you want, or you can jump in, have fun and enjoy the whole 'being human' experience, which it guarantees you!

05 - You will give in to peer and societal pressure at some point of time, in life. No matter, how head strong, how pragmatic and how focussed you are. You will give in! And when you do, especially, if you are used to being an independent and strong individual yourself, chances are you will be terrible depressed, frustrated and probably wont recognise your own face in the mirror! If that ever happens to you, turn around and reclaim your life right away... i know cases, where it has been way way too late!

04 - You are what you read ! And, business wisdom books, self help books, and philosophy books, actually make a very good read (not really the pop psycho ones, but the actual good ones). Ayn Rand, might be a feminist writer, but she is still one helluva female! Oh, and Book Shopping during weekends can be very addictive and harmful for your financial health!

03 - You can have amazing fun with people you hardly know! You just need to be open to the idea of sharing space, thoughts and your time and energy with strangers who could be really different from you, than be closed to everyone about you!

02 - Management: Its all about the people, really! All you need to do is shift the focus from ME and MINE to YOU and YOURS. Management is no freaking cake walk, and taking the crap from clients and superiors for the mistakes done by your sub-ordinates is no fun, in any way, but it does make you think, gets you curious to understand people and more importantly understand and realize things about you, which may have been glaringly obvious to others, but not so much to you (read: lack of patience, need to be nice to people, etc) In short, Management is taking all your people theories in one basket, adding huge responsibility and limited resources factor in it, and turning it completely upside down!


01 - Most people CAN'T THINK ! Never has it been so glaringly obvious to me, than in the recent past, that people never or seldom use their intrinsic logical and reasoning power in any matters of their lives. Blame it on the education system, on the way our society runs or any other factor... But THIS is a very very irritating factoid, i had to discover the hard way!

Phew.... and they said 2009 was a happy year... yea, if you say so :P

Dec 16, 2009

never knew

Who knew, it would be so easy to let go
So easy to just breathe...

Who knew it would be so near, a future
We created, but i survived to see...

Who knew if, were this power given
To live, survive and dance with glee,
I would choose to live, survive and dance
With or without thee

Who knew that when it ended
I would be able to see
A life full of glory,
And be a person, who was completely ME!

Dec 9, 2009

if you're happy and you know it

clap your hands... *clap clap clap*

well, i think i found the single most important key to happiness: Gratitude !

If you have something to be happy and thankful for... remember it! chances of you getting depressed, dejected et all would just fly away!

and if all else fails... remember to thank Him, for you're still breathing :) :)

so.... clap your hands people... you know there are people who would kill to be where you and i are !!

ohh.... by the way.... 99th Post :D

Nov 16, 2009


Hello....Maaaaaaaa......... Maa....please Maaa.... talk to me, pleaseeeeeeeee.........” she wailed into the receiver again. The tears rolling down the cheek, the slight tan on her face.... the innocence in her voice, that pleaded for her ‘Maa’ to speak to her.... and the innocence in her, which assumed that no one could hear her outside the booth.....

It was the first Saturday of the Month and as usual, she had come, clad in those rags, carrying that eternal bruise on her otherwise clear cheek, to call up. It was a routine for the last three months, ever since I first saw her visit my PCO, and it had continued ever since..... The plea would be the same, the telephone number the same, and the person, whoever it was at the other end, hung up in the first two minutes..... Yes, it had been three months since she had first arrived... and exactly three months since I first felt that tug to my heart.... and which I had been feeling ever since! Oh, God!... this tug felt miserable... would it never go... this feeling of something being stuck in my chest... of something being unsaid... something that didn’t feel like it belonged, here... amidst my life.... something I had never felt before..... the unexplainable....

She would pay the money and leave.... never one to talk, or pry otherwise, I once casually asked... ‘Kya hua, baat zyaada nahi hui?...’... and her frozen look made me repent it immediately.... Ever since then, I just observed.... Not wanting to be at the receiving end of those looks again.....

Until the other day, when I decided to follow her... I don’t know what made me do it, I don’t know what I would have done, if she had realised and made a hullabaloo of it ... without worrying about any of these consequences, I had followed her.... two blocks away to a decent bungalow, whose name plate read the name of a reputed family. The contradiction startled me, and it was probably the bemused look on my face, which prompted the neighbourhood watchman to stop by and ask me, what I wanted... I decided to go for it, and casually asked him about the yellow salwar clad girl who had just entered the house...

Oh she... was left here by her parents, I think, who needed some money and had no security to give... Is more of the maid in here... God knows what else happens inside the house though... why bother babuji.... it doesn’t concern us now, does it.... ohhhh betaji.... kahin aapko woh pasand to nahi aa gayi’.... he asked me, wide eyed! I shuddered.... is this all that we people think about, I wondered and walked off.... his eyes followed me in amazement.... However, the thing bothering me were not his words or his eyes, but the tugging in my heart which had become almost unbearable.... the feeling of having someone hold me by the throat and not letting go off me, no matter how hard I tried...

This feeling stayed with me for another couple of days.... and I had almost given up the hope of staying without it, when suddenly, mid month, she returned... yes the girl was back, with a severe cut on her right arm and a burn mark on her cheek.... she was back.... the eyes swollen... the walk feeble and unsteady.... she dialled the same number... there was no pleading in her voice, no screams, nothing.... the talk happened for the same duration of 2 minutes... and she paid the money and left. It is then, that my mind sprung into action, and I called up Mhatre aunty and told her the complete story... She gave me certain instructions, and I decided to act upon them....

I followed the girl; I stood keeping a watch on the house, ignoring the watchman, who mistook me to be a roadside Romeo, ignoring the fact that the only emotion I was feeling was fear and nervousness, even though I was convinced of my intentions....... I watched, until Aunty arrived......

She had arrived with the police, and when she entered the house, and got the owners arrested for child labour and assault, I realised that I was beginning to breathe normally, in what seemed like a really long time. I saw the girl come out, afraid, timid and unsure, but in the safe arms of aunty, and the sight suddenly made me alive again. I realised that the tenseness in my body was gone, and that huge tug, the pain, the unspeakable grief and pressure that had accompanied me, was suddenly released and had left me with a vacant place that made me feel human again.... that it was only through action that I could make sure that all was indeed well again!

Nov 7, 2009

naya maal

Heylo People!

my blog just got a new look, and me, a new style!

all suggestions, recommendations and just usual chit chat is welcome :) :)

go ahead, crank away... it's the winters anyways!!

Oct 24, 2009

to each her own....

....................Midway into a conversation........................

She: ... so, what are you so proud about?

Me: mmm... I guess, am proud of the fact that I am happy! (flashing a smile)

She: (raised eyebrows)... really?!!... oh, so you are satisfied with your life?... contented?... at peace??... (snigger)

Me: .... satisfied, maybe partly.... contented.... hell NO!!!.... at peace... oh sure!!! (some more smile)

She: What do you mean?....

Me: Well, am sure ambitious.... and that is why I am happy....

She: (cutting in).... can’t get you.... come again! (puzzled look on face)

Me:... naah, forget it... you have to learn it your own way.... (wink)

.... and we continue our shoe shopping!!

*touch wood* !!

Oct 11, 2009

Memorable Memento

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From the television show The Wonder Years

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen –Edward De Bono

What do you do when you have had so much fun, memories and experience that no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to put it in words?!!...

Here, at this beautiful occasion of the monthiversary (yeah, it’s a word... Google says so!) of meeting my RSMTP Friends, there is SOOOOOOOO much I can recount! So many things, I want to share, thank them for, express to the world.... but words fail me! Probably for the first time, I have sat to blog with a head full of ideas and I can’t find the words to bring them to life!

So, when I think, what should I chose to put into words here about these wonderfully crazy, kind and beautifully insane 32 people I met, for the first time on 10th September 2009 and spent 17 wild days with, at the ICSI-CCRT campus in Belapur, befriending them and making sooooooooooo many beautiful memories, I can’t seem to pick and choose! Should I chose to speak about the fun-filled Board Meeting we had.... how we played musical chairs, red hands, titli udee, tug-of-war, etc till 4 am and slept at the 7 am Yoga sessions..... or the way we were at our rowdy best for the Mock CLB and AGM sessions, or about how we used to dance till 2 am, singing songs aloud, because we lacked a good and loud music system, or how we would keep ourselves awake through abysmally boring lectures by smsing each other, giving missed calls to those who had managed to fall asleep, write notes and chits full of world gyan and unnecessary crap and passing it on to whoever cared to read, exchanging harmless gossip about anyone and everyone, yet staying together all throughout....watching the sky as the night went by.... looking out for each other at every stage, getting scared together for the project presentations, yet egging each other on, throwing surprise Birthday party for one of our batchmates at 12 am, cutting a cake, because it was the birthday of another batch mate’s fiancĂ©, planning to go see places, and landing up at Reliance Fresh ever evening after having Pani Puri, keeping nick names, learning and getting inspired from one another, going to the la-di-dah places and ripping it apart (mentally) with much fan fare.... fighting the common enemy (u know what I mean ;) ) teasing each other, clicking snaps (err, you have NO clue what this obsession could reach to – 4000 odd snaps, 100 odd videos and still counting), clapping at everything and everyone.... and breaking rules (and we broke so many of them.... it stopped being funny!... lol).... and so so many more?!!

I can’t chose one, I can chose all..... but no one can understand what those experience meant to me, to each of us, actually.... on what we gained, what we found, and what we didn’t lose! The memories are truly special, close to our hearts and will continue to remain so.... We still exchange emails everyday (Close to 100 on an average), meet as often as possible (or make plans atleast), share each others’ concerns, worries and happiness and stay connected.... with each other, with our hearts and with those memories, which we just can’t seem to get off from our brains and heads!

These 17 days have given me much much more than what I had expected or bargained for! They will not return, but what is left behind is a crazy clan of 33 people hanging on to each other and the memories of those days and looking out for one another in this big bad world!


*and now you may chose to clap!!*....

Aug 5, 2009

My Tag!

Here's a new tag, i picked up from some place....

here, i donot answer questions!... or yap about myself, but people who have been reading this blog, or know me personally or otherwise, will in their comments mention ONE thing about me... good or bad... the option is all yours, people!!

So, let the comments roll :) :)

Jul 27, 2009

quirks' of fate!

So, there you are.... expecting something to happen.... praying, that the inevitable happens soon, so that you can get over it and 'move on'... you almost prepare yourself for whatever course destiny charts....

.... nothing happens... you wait and you wonder......

.....nothing..... you are still waiting......

..... now you start thinking that the 'oh-the-worse' is never going to happen, that it was just a foolish presumption.... that things were never meant to be the way you assumed it would be....

.... you stop waiting.....

and then, an E-Mail lands in your Google Account, and something changes forever!....

How i wish i had not stopped anticipting it! :)

Jul 25, 2009

One upon a time...

I am terribly cranky and pissed today!.... Don't ask me why!

Anyways, while googling something, i came across this link.... and by the end of the post, i had a little tear threteaning to roll down my eye!

The post sounded like a diary of a little girl i knew (rather still do!), she thought and felt similarly too, at times.... but then, better sense and things prevailed! Better people, better situations and more positive incidents happened and confidence came her way. She survived! And no, she is neither abnormal, nor depressed and neither a social outcast in any which way!

But yeah, she still does get terribly cranky at times... especially when there is no one to hear her out or she's working late on a saturday eve! :)

P.S: Some of the comments on the post are really motivating and heartfelt!... Kudos to them! :) :)

P.P.S: It's a website for some depressing sort of people of all kinds!... Horrors of horror, i found myself there!!... NO AM NOT A MEMBER ! (though i like their motto - together we'll survive!)

Jul 16, 2009

Law's of relations...

“Every Action always has an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton

Relations are really like an outstretched rubber band! To snap it, or to use it, it has to be handled in the same manner at both the ends. If both sides are pulled, it snaps… if both sides keep it steady, it stays on…. And if one side keeps pulling, while the other side does nothing, it will still snap! But then, it’s not the other side breaking it, it’s the force of the snapping side itself acting against it, while all you are doing then is watching the band break itself…..

So, what do you do then?... Do you tell the other side, to stop pulling? Do you start pushing or pulling; depending on what you think is right then?? Or do you just watch it break?

Maybe, just maybe…. It’s better to let nature take it’s own course… don’t you think?

Jun 15, 2009

Shopper's STOP!!

This simply reminds me of that day when Nee and me just went crazy on the streets of Mumbai trying to find a pair of glares for me!

Well, honestly, that was never the intention, but it was just 'another thing we could be doing on our spree' that ended up being THE FOCUS of our travails!!

Shopping with my friends has surely been 'momentous' for me!

Earlier during college, i remember making DD and Son wade through numeroous shops searching for 'THE PERFECT PAIR OF SHOES' (trust the prince got cindrella's pair done in half the time!) The look on their faces and their screams when the shopkeeper threteaned to show more pairs of shoes, once we were done, was beyond explanation!!... am sure, he still has nightmares about these two ladies!!

And ask ANY of my friends, how much 'FUN' it is to shop for music and books with me - they could easily go stroll, eat, sleep, put in a day of work, and be back, and chances of me noticing their absence is well, NIL!

As for shopping for anything else.... heheheeh.... i simply hate shopping, so no chances of us doing something of that sort together anytime!!

Here is a heartfelt thanks to all of those who have had the patience to withstand my 'day at the mall' antics!... it must be tough being you then.... LOL

and just why did i post this.... read the first line, dumbos!! :P

Jun 14, 2009

hey, i watch chick-flicks too...

I have been having a huge writer’s block! No matter what I try to pen, it just doesn’t live up to what I want to communicate, and without giving it much thought, I simply deride my own attempt at putting up a decent blog post, and move on to doing something else (used to be FB Quizzes, before I decided to delete my account!)

But today, am going to write, something, anything, nothing!! Ofcourse, I am not making sense, but I am writing (I might need to see a doc after this).

Anyways, I watched a movie after a really long time today! Thanks to the strike and the absolutely pathetic movies releasing prior to the commencement of the strike, it had been quite a while since I set foot in a theatre! The last time I had entered a theatre, well, someone was still in India, someone was still alive, I hadn’t met a few people, and our house was nearing eight years of neglect and no-repair!

Anyways, the movie I saw was a sweet and a very typical ‘chick-flick’ called Bride Wars! Now, before you smirk and judge me, let me tell you, it’s the sort of movie I would secretly watch on Star Movies, and never admit it (heck, I just did!!), but I couldn’t have found a better movie to watch with my best friend! Also, it’s a very ‘in-the-right-frame-of-mind’ movie, if you are not feeling ‘girlie’ enough (don’t ask me what that’s to mean), this would be a bore, cardboard cut out of any other movie from the same genre!

Without giving away too much, let me tell you what the movie does have – two cute ‘best friends’, gorgeous almost-perfect boyfriends & secret lovers, and loads of emotional and funny moments* and thankfully, the movie DOESN’T HAVE is a vamp, a love triangle and unnecessary drama! A perfect watch for all you girls out there before you start your stressful and hectic week! And for heaven’s sake, leave the poor guys out of this one, because, they won’t have a clue what is so funny, when two friends meet to bitch about someone, or what is so touching when one of them decides to do something ‘awwwwww’ for another!

The movie has a simple message – some relations and friendships are forever, don’t let your ego get in the way, because you would be doing as much damage to yourself, as to the other person and the relation! Reminds my college professor’s words, which I cherish till date – is your friendship/ relation so frail and cheap that something so simple can break it? Alternatively, do think when you give something as much importance to let it affect your view and assumption on someone, if it’s all really worth it?... really, is it?

* applicable only for giggling girls...

oh, also, i know this post totally makes me sound like a dumb blonde, but let me tell you, the black's an original!

Jun 5, 2009

random thoughts... part (lost count)

why is it, that ever so often we are forced to stop and think?

ever so often to stop and breathe and realise we are still only alive, but don't feel so?

why do we need to fix an appointment with self to sit and sort out our emotions and head, rather than just feel them?

................ searching for answers :)

Apr 11, 2009

Genda Phool

Gauri tagged me again... and i was all game for it... simple musical tag, i won't tag anyone! but its fun to do when yu are bored nd want to do something, ANYTHING, really... so here it goes!

How it works:
1. Put your MP3 player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the [next] button to get your answer.
3. Write each song name down.

and here, ladies and gentlemen, are the answers thrown up by my MP3!!

Jee Le – U, Me aur Hum

She’s Always a Woman to me – Billy Joel (My MP3 is a PERSON!!)

Saiyaan re – Salaam – e- ishq (rolls eyes!)

Koi Fariyaad – Jagjit Singh (sorta sad, man!)

... takes a break, listens to the song and then returns!!

Mehfuz – Euphoria (aww!!)

O Meri Jaan – Life in a Metro (awwwww!! :P )

Something Stupid – Robbie Williams (hehehhe….. very true that!)

WHAT IS 2+2?
Mar Jaava – Shruti Pathak (that is my haalat in Hindi!)

Mera Saaya Saath Hoga – Lata Mangeshkar (:D)

…. Desi Girl – Dostana :..... I AM STRAIGHT, I REPEAT, STRAIGHT!!

Tere Mere Saath Jo Hota Hai – Lucky Ali

Breathless – The Corrs (LOL)

Strangers in the Night – Frank Sinatra (hehehhe)

Bhanwara Bada Naadan – Saheb Biwi aur Ghulam/ Asha Bhosale

Pyaar Ki yeh Kahaani suno – Honeymoon Travels

Khoya Khoya Chand – Khoya Khoya Chand

Baawara Mann dekhne chalaa ek sapna…. hehehe

Ek Ajnabi Hassena se - KK

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehelata Hai - Meenaxi

Dance Pe Chance – Sunidhi (I had no clue I had this song!! :)

Dil Main Kuch Ho Raha Hai – Freaky Chakra

Kuch Khaas hai – Mohit Chauhan/ Neha Bhasin

Tere Ishq main – Rekha Bharadwaj/ Gulzar

Oh Rahi Re – Luck By Chance

Jalte hain Jiske Liye – Talat Mehmood

Kabhi Phool Dena – Neeraj Sridhar/ Rules- Pyar ka….

O Yaara Rab Rus jaane de – Socha Na tha

Every Breath you take – U2 (my MP3 wants me to have asthma!)

Genda Phool (Rehman!!)

Mar 30, 2009

aur kyaa ehed e wafaa hote hai

Although Rambler has more or less featured most of my favourite songs in his posts, here is a classic song, that i really enjoy, for its lyrics!... The video is, well, a tad different, but the song and the way its sung by Asha Bhonsale is beyond doubt... marvellous!!

Here's the link to the video...

and here are the lyrics....

Aur Kya Ehed E Wafaa Hote Hain

Log Milte Hain Judaa Hote Hain

Kab Bichhad Jaaye Hamsafar Hi To Hain

Kab Badal Jaaye Ek Nazar Hi To Hai

Jaan O Dil Jispe Fida Hote Hain A

ur Kya Ehed E Wafaa...

Baat Nikli Thi Is Zamaane Ki

Jisko Aadat Hai Bhool Jaane Ki

Aap Kyon Humse Khafaa Hote Hain

Aur Kya Ehed E Wafaa...

Jab Rula Lete Hain Ji Bhar Ke Hamein

Jab Sataa Lete Hain Ji Bhar Ke Hamein

Tab Kahin Khush Woh Zaraa Hote Hain

Aur Kya Ehed E Wafaa...

so true :)

Mar 7, 2009

just why.....

Meredith Grey: Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know; maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.

It can get confusing! When you have no clue where you are headed! When you have something to be happy about, but you really don’t know how to celebrate that happiness, because mentally and emotionally, you have already removed yourself far from this task which may be the reason for celebrations.

Its like, you have already moved on, and someone is trying to hold you back!

Or is it because I just don’t value the reason enough?

Or may be you just don’t get what the whole point is, or maybe its just another thing for you (but honestly, it is not, because had the result not turned positive, I would have been affected, and pretty badly at that!)

May be I just don’t know what to do, or how I am supposed to deal with it… have taken the break, got back to routine and told everyone who mattered and care, how lucky and happy I am, for the result and for them and all that jazz….

But then, why am I not smiling? :

Feb 21, 2009

Your Personality Type: Manager
Your flexibility, hard-working attitude, and organizational skills make you the Manager. Your ability to juggle tasks, follow through, and manage people is admirable, and your firm but responsive attitude gains you respect. You love trying out new ideas and methods to perform tasks, and you don't get discouraged if things don't work out as planned. You are relatively outgoing - you make sure that the people around you are happy, and do what you can to help when they're not. When people come to you with their problems, you reflect thoughtfully on the issue, and don't give up until you reach some kind of insight or creative solution. Like many people, you occasionally experience rocky emotions and disagreeable moods, but you can usually get back on track with minimal effort.
Statutory Warning: It has 187 Questions!!!.... so, only if you can handle it!

Feb 18, 2009


My second tag in less than a week… by my own blood… *sniff* … on the ONE thing that may really bond us…. FOOD… and to make it REALLY tempting, am gonna answer it with pictures too….

So, here I dish out the answers…. Bon Appetit!

1. One dish you can crave for any given time of the day/ night/ situation?

Nice fish/ prawn ghassi made by mamama….. ANYTIME, really!

2. One dish you'd never had and would love to regardless of the expense?

Ever since I studied French, I have been wanting to taste the cheese fondue, and Gannat….
3. Most expensive dish you've ever had?

Can’t remember really…. May be the so called “grand” lunch, we had at Olive… well, it wasn’t really worth all the fuss…. More of salads and pastas that cost a BOMB!

4. Most bizarre dish you've ever seen or tasted? Like totally blown your socks off! Makes you gag every single time your lay your eyes on it. (Hope you've got the point by now: P)

Ohh…. As a kid, one of my classmates would get something for the break, and scare us saying it is Dog Meat : :…. Well, nothing other than that has made me go :O

(i'll refrain from pasting what Google Search threw up as results.... pretty disturbing!)

5. Your poison?

Iced Tea – Lemon Flavor and Water

6. One a lonely rainy day, your sitting cozily on your sofa, you'd crave for?

Hot tea and Sweet Corn … the butta variety….

7. First forbidden savory you'd crave for while you've been sick?

Chocolate Pastry, anyone? (Evil smile)

8. Your all time favorite TV snack:

Veg Cheese Grill Sandwich and Frankie!

9. On your first ever kitchen experience you prepared:

Tea and Dosa…. Though they looked something else….

But my most memorable kitchen experience was when Sonam and I messed up Maggi… yeah yeah… we have our ways :P

10. After a tiring day at work/ college/shopping/loitering you'd loved to come home to?

Rice, Dal and maybe a nice simple upkari/ bhajji of some sort!

11. A cuisine your most comfortable with:

Other than Konkani, I really enjoy Thai…. Simple and suits my taste!
12. A snack which you loved A LOT back when you were a kid and still love it till date?

Peppy Peppy Peppy….

13. A dish which your mum makes/ used to which you simply adore?

Hmm… should be chicken sukke…. Been ages though *reminisces*

14. Most expensive dish you ever had?

Oye, amnesiac….. check question No. 3!!

15. What you're eating RIGHT NOW? or had immediately before?

Apple : : : ….. Dieting anyone ?!!

Just when you thought it was all over...BONUS! (Don't cha love em?) ;)*16. Your friends are coming over on short notice. You have half an hour. How would save your dignity by being hospitable and feed your friends? (Considering you can't take them to a restaurant)

Ohh…. I’ll order in, and just in case am short on cash…. Will ask them to pay :P
And if I have to Tag someone.... i'll tag... Equi, Ram and Ajay !......
Happy Eating :)