Jun 24, 2007

weekend woes!!!

What’s with Weekend Television and mere mortals??? Don’t get me wrong, I aint a fan of the weekday television either, but since I don’t get to watch television during the week, and had to forcibly watch the idiot box, last weekend (thanks to a konked Cell - MP3 player and too much work to step out of the home!), I was subject to the same torture, in the name of ‘entertainment’ that my granny, mom and every other woman (and some men) have to go through for having nothing better to do on a weekend. Seriously, it makes you feel like watching TV is a crime or something… and I almost pity their state.

Here’s a look at what I saw on the telly last week…..

So, I tune to Star – and there was this Maha-boring Awards show, where everyone was ‘performing’ on stage, called IIFA or something, and trust me, I was only watching it with the hope of Sunny Paaji or Govinda dancing (come on, that’s more fun!). But, my hopes were dashed when Saif Ali chose to imitate Hrithik’s Dhoom Again (failing miserably!) However, I still would have suffered it all, when, they actually went ahead and gave a prize to Upen Patel (WAT!!!!)…. Too much, just too much… I couldn’t handle any more of this!!!

So, I switch to Star World… you can always count on them for some good shows, or so I thought! But what was I dished out…… ‘Getting gooey with gay boy’…. Or what they choose to call it, Koffee with Karan!!! Yea, so I like Konkona and Kunal Kapoor is definitely cute material, but not for heaven’s sake on GB’s show…. where all they would discuss is SRK!... sigh… and I switch again!

Zee…some crap… with some sidey types movie being played and all, deff no fun.

Switch to Sony… Salaam Namaste… the movie that gave my granny a near heart attack….no way hosey!!! (She was aghast that there could be a movie about two people living together without marriage… it was given the ‘WORSE MOVIE EVER’ tag by her in the first half itself)

So, I settled for Sahaara One… to watch something, I wouldn’t be found dead admitting to watch…. a Telugu movie dubbed in Hindi, of the great ‘Chiranjeevi’ called Inder or something…..Yea, the songs were garish and stupid, the movie made no sense, and yes, he hit out at 20 people all by himself, without getting hurt, but atleast I enjoyed myself, because that is what his movie was supposed to be, atleast it didn’t pretend to be a sophisticated chat show or a show of Hindi Movie Industry’s global acclaim…. both of which failed miserably!!!

Yea, and like partying heavily on Sunday’s, weekend telly viewing has its hangover effect too…. I found myself humming Shaka Laka Boom Boom on Monday morning (aaaa!!!) while trying to figure out, if suing the channels for torture was a wise option!!!

And before you dial for the asylum, trust me, I have sworn myself of weekend telly viewing forever!!!

P.S: BUT…… That 70’s Show is back!!! Monday’s 8:30 p.m. on Star World.......
One of the best shows ever!!!! Do watch it :)

Jun 14, 2007

so, how 'J' are you????

I have always wondered why it is so hard to express certain emotions than others, why we cannot share some of our innermost feelings with anyone, even though, they are the ones that should be ‘let-out’ in order to move on!!! And considering the fact that we all are human enough to feel and experience them…. Why they cannot be brought out in the open!

So, here I try to capture these emotions as i experience them!

Here are some random rambling of mine, I wrote when I was experiencing the big J – Jealousy

"Jealousy is all the fun you think they had" - Erica Jong, Fear of Flying, 1973

"Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius" - Fulton J. Sheen

"Jealousy is the art of injuring ourselves more than others" - Alexandre Dumas (1802 - 1870)

'After a long time, my words are refusing to take the shape of my emotions….or is it the other way round????

May be my feelings are too strong and so, my opinions are a little too raw and extreme. And expressing them in exact words is not only a bit too difficult, at this current point of time, but also, expressing them, would mean giving them a certain shape and acknowledging their presence. It would mean accepting the fact that I am, as an individual capable of so much negativity and insecurity that the only thing going on in my mind right now, is something that I am not proud of, and wouldn’t want to be associated with. It would mean acknowledging my vulnerability to be controlled by certain emotions that in an ‘oh-so-ideal’ world should not have existed in the first place!!!'

Now, here’s some food for more emotions…….. Uncontrollable emotions!!!

Will update this section as and when I find myself experiencing a strong emotion while being seated before a Computer!!! Hehehehh!!!!

Jun 9, 2007

Shot in my head!!!

Just returned after watching Shootout at Lokhandwala….. and the first thing that struck me was….. This can’t be Lokhandwala - I stay here!!!

For the uninitiated (which means, you were living in Honolulu all along…) the movie is based on an actual shootout, one of the first of the Mumbai Police Force, in 1991, of Maya Dolas and his gang, at Lokhandwala, and as a person who grew up in this place, (must have been around 5 years of age, when it happened), I have no memory of this incident, although the excitement with which my parents recount the details of that day make me wonder if I missed being a part of the Great Indian Golden era!!!

Coming back to the movie, its thankfully just a two hour affair, which begins with a sizzle…. The start is very gripping… the Sikh riots, the after effects, and definitely Abhishek!!!(My friend suggested moving out of the theatre on his death!!), and the whole plot which the Director set up, for the actual incident…
(However, I still couldn’t figure out how the Sardars were connected to Maya/ Dawood!)

It’s the middle segment that actually is the most interesting part of the movie. Be it Maya’s rise to power and Tusshar’s inclusion in his gang or simply the way the whole underworld and Police force works! A good point of the movie was that it showed the happenings of both the sides equally well…. I mean you don’t sit thinking what the Police are up to when Maya’s men are killing people or vice versa. However, in the process, you stop identifying or following one character, like you would normally do in other movies, thereby preventing you from taking ‘sides’, if I may say so.

However it’s the climax/ ending that is a bit drag. Ok, they had to show all the details of how the Police covered the area, and how the media reported, but some parts were not really necessary, like the gang members going the ‘Oh-My-God-I-Can-Die-too’ way with each other and their families or even the scene between Maya’s mother and A. A. Khan. If it was a little more etched out, yet taut maybe the film would have stayed in the mind longer and in a better way. However on the whole, the film is a must watch if you like Violent movies, or movies which are the classic good wins over bad sorts!

Now the part on all the actors! Firstly, was that Neha Dhupia, as Sanjay’s wife??? :-O I almost died laughing on the pairing! Okie, she doesn’t really have a role, so no more on her. Lets go to Abhishek!!!... small role, no dialogues, could have been done by any one! As for Dia Mirza… firstly, why does she fall in love with any and every police officer who speaks like a warrior?? I mean get real, there aren’t Knights in shining armour anymore! Secondly, apart from that she has no role, at all. Then comes Arti Chabria (I actually took pains to google her name….sigh!)… all I could say is too much cleavage and glycerine, nothing more nothing less!

And now to our heroes!!! Firstly, Rohit Roy can’t act!!! Secondly, Shabbir (ooooooh!) doesn’t look that cute on the big screen, nor does he have that acting skills that can make him stand out. Ravi Gosain and the other guy (sorry, out of patience to google any more names!) were pucca second lead characters. While Amrita Singh suited the character of Maya’s mother, she looked more like his elder sister. Tusshar Kapoor, I am sorry was FUNNY!!! I mean, he is the guy who can do Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai….. not ‘Buva’, especially the scene where he threatens and then hits Sunil Shetty…. So much for wishful thinking, heheheh! Arbaaz Khan…. God, he is goodlooking, but also is amazingly easy in the role, and brings just what the role required. Sunil Shetty is cool in his typical way, mouthing dialogues in his typical way, and showing just one emotion throughout!

Now the main two…. Sanjay Dutt and Vivek Oberoi! And for me, Sanjay Dutt wins hands down, simply because, he stops being Sanjay Dutt and is A. A. Khan all through the movie, sans exception. You soon forget that it’s just a role, and his character goes well in such roles too. Also, the ‘Old Spice’ Music that follows him in the climax… (sorry to the people in the theatre, who couldn’t hear it, thanks to my laughter!) made him feel like a HERO!!! Vivek Oberoi has acted well, yes, but sometimes, he goes overboard in trying to display Maya’s strength and power, it doesn’t come as easily to him, as it did to say, Ajay Devgan in Company, speaking of which, there were some resemblances to that classic. And I did like Vivek in that movie, I mean we all, 5 giggling underage girls who sneeked into the adult movie, loved it when he blushed in that cute scene with Antara Mali (teenage is crazy!!!) but this movie doesn’t get the same effect on me, as his role in Company did, even otherwise.

So, overall while the movie is a good watch, it does have its flaws. It isn’t a movie that can change or create a sort of impact that other similar movies like Gardish, Company, etc did, but it can be watched just because it ends in two hours, is to the point most of the times and doesn’t preach anything. However you should not go to watch it for its songs..(crazy lines, no music or dance and too much cleavage…shudder!!!) , definitely not for Rakhi Sawant’s special appearance (no, its’ not an item song!) or for some crime history fact finding. It’s a serious movie without being taxing on your brains… no doubt all the guys I knew liked the movie, and recommended it! As for me, when is my DVD copy of Cheeni Kum, coming????

Jun 8, 2007

some tough decisions

"We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them."

-- Kahlil Gibran

what do you do, when you have to make a choice between what is right and what you want to do???

yes, it's a tough choice for sure, because either ways, there will be disappointment and fear of failure.......

if you do what is right, you regret not being able to do what you wanted......

and if you make the other choice, you know what you have chosen was not the right choice to make........

is it just God's way of making us aware, that we cannot have EVERYTHING???

or is it just that what we consider right and wrong, sometimes might not be applicable for us..... making us reconsider them and our views on the same.......

too confusing..... but all i know is, we are defined by our decisions and we create our future by our choices.....

now if only, one knew how to make a decision and not feel bad or regret not taking the other route!

Finally, a quote that sums it all......

"To decide to be at the level of choice, is to take responsibility for your life and to be in control of your life."

- Arbie M. Dale

Jun 1, 2007

And it Rained!!!!

And it rained last night…. After months of unbearable heat!!! Although we get to know of the rains by the sweet smell of the wet mud, and the lightning, this time, I got the message via sms from a friend, informing me of its arrival….. and the plans of getting wet! So much for timing….. when I was having a pathetic day, and with my exams approaching…. My friend’s getting wet plans were the last thing, I wanted to hear!! (Not that I didn’t get wet….. 4 times to be precise…. At Dharamasthala!...but still)

Rains have always been the single most important event in my life, that occur every year…..apart from the annual Dassera celebrations we hold at our home. Since school times, rains have just meant one thing to me…. That is a new start!!! Rains signify start of a new school year, a new college term, a new seson…… but for me, also a chance to make a new beginning…. And yesterday night, when I was so busy, feeling sick and pondering on where I am headed to in life…. the rains couldn’t have had a more dramatic entry, and with lightning and thunderstorms, probably, in an almost “filmy” way!!!

As I was saying earlier, rains have always taught me something in life….. right from helping me realize the unimportance of cribbing (when I had to walk for half an hour in rains, without an umbrella….) to enjoying every single event that takes place (same incident!!) to how harsh nature could be, and how privileged I was…(26/7….. need I say more???) and I am waiting for my lessons this year….. hopefully, they will help me achieve something, I have been wanting to, recently!!!

And being a Mumbaikar, I sincerely hope, we don’t have to encounter 26/7 again ….ever!!! Also, I wish the Rain Gods bless the country….not curse it!

On another note…. I have exams from tomorrow, and I need to be studying at this precise moment….. so, will leave it at that!!!


(p.s.: MUCH against my wishes..... i have been "forced" to stick to one color for my posts.... by some people who are extremely good at blackmailing me )