Apr 25, 2008


(My contribution to this week's prompt and link)

Sitting quietly, I shed a tear
No one near to hold and care
The one I loved the most
Is the one for whom I fear….

She was small, innocent and dear
Her guilt was her prayer
Which they didn’t hear
When they killed her…over and over

That’s my princess there
I thought she was so pretty and rare
But now I sit next to her
Laid like a showpiece none could care

Result of someone’s lust
Her life and my dreams now lay in dust
Put to rest, she must
But should some one have done…..
Something so outrageous

Would she get the justice she deserved…?
Would I get back to my life unreserved...?
Would it ever be the same again…?
None to hold, none to care…
Just coz someone took a dare…
To do something outrageous

Apr 24, 2008

Summer and Spice

No… I did not just wake up from my slumber, to notice, how hot it’s been around here! It’s been summer for quite some time, yet I feel the mood of summer just now! And although a lot has been happening, and my brain’s been generating a lot of topics for me to post on, nothing seemed worthwhile enough.

So, here I go telling you in short, what all you would have read about, had I put each of my thought on this page…

Starting with the last week’s prompt for blogging was triumph and victory. Thought of composing a poem about a mother talking to her unborn… and realised poetry is no joke! After writing my thoughts in a prosaic fashion, getting back to rhyming words, is well, difficult! Heck, I couldn’t muster two lines that seemed to rhyme, forget a whole poem… lol!

Then, I met Shantalaand after knowing her for close to a year, our meet was more like two long lost friends meeting after ages! The way we connected, spoke and felt as comfortable as fast friends do, only asserted the fact, that there is no dearth of crazy people around me (sans attitude)… hee hee! Especially since we know each other because of an equally maniac individual who we like to call “Snake Charmer”!

Ohh… I got a new haircut done from one of the
pretty expensivesalons in the city… the ones’ which even give u itemised billing sorts and make you feel great! While the experience was strictly “OK” and the whole thing left me with a hole in my pocket… yet I enjoyed it! The cut’s looking good, and it sure suits the summer, but… how long would the cut last on my hair, is definitely something that will determine if there’s anything more to these parlours than just plain glamour! I am not being bald-faced here ;), but anyone who has seen me, knows that I have a mop on my head which is plain wild and untamed! Trust me… it’s all over the place and more often than not, outgrows a hairstyle before you could say ‘Nice Hairdo’!! And like I mostly say, the day I find a solution to my hair, is the day I attain moksha… No kidding!!

Oh yea… you must have noticed (unless you are blind ofcourse), I changed the template of my blog… and did it all by myself! Boy am I proud!! :D … Do leave in your comments on the same, and any suggestions to change any stuff, are welcome too :)

And the latest thing… which may find its way into the snippets… is my colleague DD’z fascination for this absolutely “idiotic and dirty” song from the movie ‘Race’…. Listen to the damn song… it’s so stupid, it just refuses to get out of my head! And now I’m stuck with singing “chika chika… ah hah ah hah: (No you won’t get what I am talking about, unless you hear it… just click on the link… I kept it for a reason!!) Just imagine a colleague of yours trying his best to ace such a song, and that too with a very endearing honesty… as if he’s the next Indian Idol… you get the point?

And amidst all of this laughter and noble happenings… I leave you with a thought…
WHAT IF… in ‘
Sholay(obviously the OLD one…heck no one saw the new one!!)… the following people played the characters…

was played by Himesh Bhai…. How would he say… Basanti in kutton ke saamne mat naachna??

And what if that Basanti was played by our very own Rakhi Sawant?? Would she dance, just to avenge her Nach baliye loss?? :P

How would it be, if Hangal was deaf instead of blind?? Would he then say… “itna andhera kyun hai, bhai??

And… what if…. Just imagine… Gabbar was played by the great Keshto Mukherjeeyou know the guy who laughed liked ‘eeh hee hyaaa eeh hee hyaaa’ (thx Poo for telling me the exact pronounciation)…. How would he go about talking to his people??

Ok!! I guess enough nonsense to make up for a whole missing week…. Take Care and Have fun! :D

Apr 12, 2008

Flight to life

(My contribution for this week's Prompt and Link : Flight)
She stood in a corner, and waved at the sky… the tears rolling in her eyes…

One week was all it took for her destiny to change or rather, for LIFE to happen!

They both had applied for the scholarship… he was unsure, she wasn’t! They had made promises, seen dreams, made plans. Plans... huh!! Seemed such a fake word for her now… just like her life at the moment. She had lost two of her most precious things over the past one week… and she knew she would never get them back.

They had met in a study group and with such common aspirations, desires and ambitions; it never surprised anyone that they got together! Two years of dreaming together, promises to be together, irrespective of what the future held for them…. Till the results were announced…

He had made it; she didn’t… it seemed wrong to cry, to be sad… I have to be strong, she assured herself, for him, for them… no matter it was THE reason for her existence… before she had met him, that is…. it wasn’t as if she couldn’t study herethey would still be together, she consoled… and then that meet… how could she forget that moment… Too distracting, did he say or was it too taxing??... Something about moving on and life and future... Never mind, she was way too numbed and lost in a daze to remember anything other than his face, which seemed so hostile, so different, and so unfamiliar! Please understand, he said, she nodded, unable to speak or do anything else… She would

And today when she reached to bid him adieu, she realised something in her must have died, for she wasn’t there for him… she was there to see what she had missed… the other few around, whom she knew, appeared sad… for his departure, and for her loss… but she wasn’t… she had a purpose to be here… they didn’t!

As the others left and he checked in… she waited, for two long hours, she waited, standing by a corner window, watching the activities below, she waited…. And then it was announced… the flight was about to take off… the one which would have carried her to her dreams, her new life, the one in which they would have been together… the one….. She felt a tear down her cheek….

The flight took off… she couldn’t see him, but she could see… the sky, the clouds and the night, all before her eyes…. And she smiled… She stood in that corner, and waved at the sky… the tears still rolling in her eyes… she waved HIM good bye, she waved her UNFULFILLED DREAM good bye…. He was right… she would move on… he wasn’t worth it and neither was life! It was that flight, that would end that phase in her life and begin a new one… she laughed, to herself… for the fact that this flight would still mean a new life… a new chance… a new her!!

Apr 10, 2008

Ra'z 'fur'y....

... after an uncharacteristically rude conversation with a 'am-an-intern-at-an-MNC-so-i-show-attitude' female on the phone...
Dd: Whoa... you are angry !!!
Ra: (still dazed)... huh!!... yea.... you know something.... whats the similarity between these *jerks* and faux fur?!!!
Dd:... Ummn....No?!!
Ra:... no matter how hard they try....they'll still be wannabes!........Idiots!!!
(* not the actual far harsher word used!! :P )

Apr 7, 2008

Lost Highway

(This is my contribution for prompt and link for lost highway)

It was a cloudy day…..

“Want to go for a walk around??” I asked. “Sure… I guess”... he said “Hmm… yea then…”

We stepped outside… the breeze, the trees, the smell of wet mud, and the two of us, together, yet apart… walking….silence

“Where is this road headed??... Never been here before, I guess” he said, giving me a very confused look.

“Strange… living here for so long, and we thought, we knew every road ahead of us!” I smiled.

“Just like life, I guess….” he nodded

“Hmmm…” I nodded back

We both shared a sheepish grin…. Followed by a silence only we understood.

Suddenly, I turned towards him….

“What if we ever lost each other, on the road of life?” I asked

The recent fights and arguments flashed before my eyes… making me, immediately regret the question.

“I would find my way to you…. And walk with you” he reassured with a big smile on his face…. You?

“I wouldn’t lose you in the first place”…
I whispered….clutching his hand in mine…. For the first time in days!

Ra'z baby talk

[Warning: The post is ideal if you happen to understand Konkani]

.... Oar's sardonic take at being labelled as a kid!

Ra: aaji babu kassane karta assa??
Oar: kaay naa... Nappy ghalnu nutta baislaa... aani kassan karche??

(roughly translated...~what is the kid doing, today? ~ nothing, just sitting here, wearing diapers, what else?)

FYI Oar happens to be a 26 year old "kid" !!!

Apr 3, 2008

Ra'z cold

in an e-mail exchange with Pi
Ra: am coughing my lungs out !!
Pi: Great!! If that happens you can appear on of those freak shows on tv tongue big grin
Ra: yea... check me out on saturday... and judge, if my appearance is worth any moolah......
will give u share of my profits for sure cool silly

On second thought.... too much coughing and lungs out... for just 10 mins on telly (probably flanked by equal desperate people)... not worth it!!

Apr 2, 2008

Ra'z death wish !

... and suddenly the talk veered to ...

Dd: thinking what will be your speech on your death bed????

Ra: (Hands raised in air)... Where is my money?!!!!...
... thinking what about u?
Dd: I don't know.. never died u know!
Ra: Yea i do it ALL the time, u see rolling eyes

Disturbingly Profound

You Are Disturbingly Profound
You're contemplative, thoughtful, and very intense.

Taking time to figure out the meaning of life is a priority for you.

Because you're so introspective, you often react in ways that surprise people.

No one can really understand how you are on the inside... and that disturbs them.
Are You Disturbingly Profound or Profoundly Disturbing?