Nov 30, 2008

ta ta tagged!

its 2:30 am... am obviously awake because am supposed to be "studying" :P and i realise i have been tagged, again!! (GLEE!! :) so leaving aside all the inane theories some idiots generated about unfair competiton wrt Patents and TRIPS, i sit here to answer it (my apologies to Rachana and Alice for not answering theirs yet... Ajan is an idiot of the highest order, u see, so he wont let me be in peace, if i dont answer this, also yours require some time, this seems easy! )

so here goes the TAG....

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Following are the rules for the tag.1. No altering any question.2. No passing of question allowed. That means all the questions are to be answered.3. Pass on the tag to atleast 3 people with the same rules. Drop a comment in their latest post to let them know that they are tagged.4. DO THE TAG!!If the rules are not followed, bad luck will gherao your blog for 10 years and no one will comment on it for 10 years. This is true.Finally coming to the tag. I give you random - human traits, situations, values, virtues, vices etc. You have to say how far or how closely you are associated with them In case you haven't understood, I'm doing my own tag... so read it and follow my footsteps. ;). It's gonna be long, but nevertheless, do it.


1. Laughter - LOL... it comes as easy to me as breathing! Ya, i find the most inane and sad things funny! I laugh during horror movies, i laugh when i remember something, i laugh sometimes for no reason at all (infact DD and i just need to glance at one another to get into laughathon!!... such that people around us think we are 'high'!)... and that time when Shans and me went into laughter overdrive in the rickshaw, almost getting us killed (out of laughter!)

ok, my quirk... i even laugh when am tensed... like, really really life-death tense! its some sort of a defence mechanism, i guess, but what the heck, it gets me stares all the time (do i look like i care?)

2. Embarrassment : From being the most self conscious one on this nplanet, to having no inhibitions of landing myself into embarassing situations, i have definately come a long way! and most of these have come in the presence of the HOLY SAA :P ... LOL! Right from talking to someone for ten minutes and promising to call them next day, all the while trying to remember that person's name to realising mid way through a performance that the mike is not working... been through quite a lot of these... FUN times!!

3. Truth: They say truth can be spotted in the eyes... no wonder i wear specs! For me, truth is completely relative! Choose the one that suits you.... hehehe, studying law teaches you something i guess!!

4. Lies: I could really convince you, it snowed in Mumbai... white lies are my forte, dark lies - part of my job! Being good at lying comes naturally to me (WHOOPS!)

5. Loneliness: The bane of modern relations, eh!! Well, as a single kid and all that blah, realised the difference between being lonely and alone, quite early in life! Have come to terms with that being alone need not mean being lonely, and yeah, thats nice! DO feel lonely at times (no superhuman here!), but thats just a part of being me... i really dont mind it! Makes me realise and think about what all i need to do yet!

6. Pride: Hey, am damn good at my work, and am proud of it! Am a good person, and am proud of it! We are always told never to be proud of ourselves, but sometimes, we all need to acknowledge that we have something good in us, that keeps us sane and in the race, nothing wrong in that! although, too much is pathetically narcisst!!

7. Forgiveness: Comes naturally to me!! I dont have to make an attempt to forgive, the moment i let go, i forgive, and it stops affecting me! People think it makes me weak, but it actually gives me a peace of mind, a lot of others can only dream about! revenge has never been the motivator for me, but yes, i dont forget events, simply so that i dont repeat mistakes! So people who may have hurt me may still be around in my life, but things would definately not be that naive anymore!

8. Hypocrite: ok, here is the truth! When it comes to issues and policies, i am very firm and i do what i say and intend to! but when it comes to people, boy, am i a happy hypocrite!! Friends can really get away with murder, strangers are subject to thorough scrutiny! :P what is OK for people important to me, is a NO NO with people i remotely know or dont at all! I am a hypocrite, so are most of them i know!! :P

i tag.... anyone who can bother to be as truthful as me (the 3 am effect shows!)... seriously, no names, its 3, and i can barely remember my full name now, to sit and tag people... so good luck till then!

Do comment! :P