Jul 3, 2008

Back to Blogging!

Been about two months, since I last blogged, or visited a blog page to read something! Been living out of a suitcase, literally, and though most of these travels were fun and memorable, could not get myself to write as much as a post about them! And since, I used to coerce others to blog, it was a surprise when Purnima’s blog update made me realize, how much of this activity I have missed! I mean, I even got tagged, and didn’t know about it!! K

Well, currently, I am in one of those times in life, which can be called as a ‘transition phase’. A very memorable and eventful phase of my life seems to be receding into the background, along with all the people and experiences, it gave me. The imminent phase is also making its presence felt, and it is only meaning new people, and new experiences! A personal observation, that holds true for me is, if you observe closely, u will always find Life with all of its elements at work… ALWAYS! With all its little detailing and effects they have on you, and the people around you, life is always playing its game, silently, making its presence felt. We are usually so engrossed in playing it right, or getting through life, we forget to live it, or worse colour its game with all our assumptions, presumptions and judgments, that what may seem as a “reality” to us, is nothing but a perception of our outlook to the way things should be rather than the way things actually are or the way, it is intended to be! Just like DD’s friend says… “Life is Free, Jeene ka!”(lol)… All we need to do is observe, and we can very well understand how things are happening, and many a times, with all its reasoning too!

I read a very beautiful book recently, titled “The Inner Courtyard” which contained short stories by Indian Women Writers. Although each of them was unique, inspiring in its own way, and completely moving, at this moment, a short story by one of the authors, who describes, how living each moment, and then letting go completely of that moment, without any apprehensions, can save one a lifetime of regrets, stands out, for the way its simplistic philosophy can actually work wonder in all our lives!

(This is a serious post, after a long long time… so anything OTT, kindly adjust maadi! :P)

Jul 2, 2008

Tagged again!

So i got tagged by my namesake... Rachana, who has this beautiful blog (must see, i say!) and i would really like to thank her, because it made me blog after such a long time, and also gave me something to blog about! :)
So, here it goes!!... ENJOY

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Let me see…. 10 years ago… I was 12! Don’t really remember much about it, but I guess I would have been in Std 7! One of the best years of my life… got re united with my best friend (sounds so kiddish no?), met some of the most amazing people and friends, I have ever come across in life (thanks guys for the amazing memories you have given me, both good and bad, knowing u was definitely a learning experience! :) ) and besides these… really cant remember what it was like, being me 10 years ago!!

What are top 5 things to do in my to-do list, today?

Wonder if this would make sense to you:

- leave work at 7! (that’s early for me, mind u!)
- call up Roshni
- not lose my temper with the newbies
- complete postal ballot procedures and BSE compliances

Snacks I enjoy

- Pani puri
- Sev Puri
- Dhokla
- Pav Bhaji

Places I have lived

- Mumbai
- Mumbai
- Mumbai
- Panvel (SECOND HOME… trust me, I know Panvel like a resident now!!)
- Panemanglore (almost a part of all summer vacations as a kid, I have been here)

5 things id do if I was a millionaire

- Donate
- Write
- Give it to folks
- Invest
- and mebbe, count whatever is left, if any!! :P

people I want to tag

- Mithun and Nitin … no posts in there yet…

Anyone else who is interested in answering can do so! :) :)