Oct 24, 2009

to each her own....

....................Midway into a conversation........................

She: ... so, what are you so proud about?

Me: mmm... I guess, am proud of the fact that I am happy! (flashing a smile)

She: (raised eyebrows)... really?!!... oh, so you are satisfied with your life?... contented?... at peace??... (snigger)

Me: .... satisfied, maybe partly.... contented.... hell NO!!!.... at peace... oh sure!!! (some more smile)

She: What do you mean?....

Me: Well, am sure ambitious.... and that is why I am happy....

She: (cutting in).... can’t get you.... come again! (puzzled look on face)

Me:... naah, forget it... you have to learn it your own way.... (wink)

.... and we continue our shoe shopping!!

*touch wood* !!

Oct 11, 2009

Memorable Memento

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From the television show The Wonder Years

A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen –Edward De Bono

What do you do when you have had so much fun, memories and experience that no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to put it in words?!!...

Here, at this beautiful occasion of the monthiversary (yeah, it’s a word... Google says so!) of meeting my RSMTP Friends, there is SOOOOOOOO much I can recount! So many things, I want to share, thank them for, express to the world.... but words fail me! Probably for the first time, I have sat to blog with a head full of ideas and I can’t find the words to bring them to life!

So, when I think, what should I chose to put into words here about these wonderfully crazy, kind and beautifully insane 32 people I met, for the first time on 10th September 2009 and spent 17 wild days with, at the ICSI-CCRT campus in Belapur, befriending them and making sooooooooooo many beautiful memories, I can’t seem to pick and choose! Should I chose to speak about the fun-filled Board Meeting we had.... how we played musical chairs, red hands, titli udee, tug-of-war, etc till 4 am and slept at the 7 am Yoga sessions..... or the way we were at our rowdy best for the Mock CLB and AGM sessions, or about how we used to dance till 2 am, singing songs aloud, because we lacked a good and loud music system, or how we would keep ourselves awake through abysmally boring lectures by smsing each other, giving missed calls to those who had managed to fall asleep, write notes and chits full of world gyan and unnecessary crap and passing it on to whoever cared to read, exchanging harmless gossip about anyone and everyone, yet staying together all throughout....watching the sky as the night went by.... looking out for each other at every stage, getting scared together for the project presentations, yet egging each other on, throwing surprise Birthday party for one of our batchmates at 12 am, cutting a cake, because it was the birthday of another batch mate’s fiancĂ©, planning to go see places, and landing up at Reliance Fresh ever evening after having Pani Puri, keeping nick names, learning and getting inspired from one another, going to the la-di-dah places and ripping it apart (mentally) with much fan fare.... fighting the common enemy (u know what I mean ;) ) teasing each other, clicking snaps (err, you have NO clue what this obsession could reach to – 4000 odd snaps, 100 odd videos and still counting), clapping at everything and everyone.... and breaking rules (and we broke so many of them.... it stopped being funny!... lol).... and so so many more?!!

I can’t chose one, I can chose all..... but no one can understand what those experience meant to me, to each of us, actually.... on what we gained, what we found, and what we didn’t lose! The memories are truly special, close to our hearts and will continue to remain so.... We still exchange emails everyday (Close to 100 on an average), meet as often as possible (or make plans atleast), share each others’ concerns, worries and happiness and stay connected.... with each other, with our hearts and with those memories, which we just can’t seem to get off from our brains and heads!

These 17 days have given me much much more than what I had expected or bargained for! They will not return, but what is left behind is a crazy clan of 33 people hanging on to each other and the memories of those days and looking out for one another in this big bad world!


*and now you may chose to clap!!*....