May 29, 2007

Love Guru

Everyone seems to be having trouble in their love lives!. Well, almost everyone. And as usual, I end up playing the Love Guru to most of them!!!(it surprises me too….considering my relationship count is zilch!)

But such is life…. sometimes we end up advising people on things we ourselves have absolutely no clue about! (happens all the time with me!). Well I had almost stopped playing this role, because, I actually found better things to do, and suddenly, my friends became mature enough to solve their own love mess…[seems the transition was only temporary though :( ] ….but again I see myself getting dragged amidst fights on ‘you don’t care for me anymore’ to discussions about ‘I think he’s cheating on me’….sigh!!!

I think my role as Love Guru started way back in the 8th std…. when one of my best friends back then, ‘Nee’ started disclosing his crushes to me, and considering that he had a new crush almost every other week, I had to sit through hours of ‘u know what makes this gal spl…..’crap. Although it was fun back then, as I was yet to experience my own “first crush”…. It soon extended to almost all my other friends! Right from V’s 4 year ‘on-off’ relation with a gal, to HP’s heartbreak to my own best friend’s mess….. heard it, know it all, And for once I realized, being a person who can keep secrets well, doesn’t always work in your favour!!

It extended to college too….not withstanding my changing group of friends, I almost knew everyone’s story…and the other half’s version included!! I would really have had no problem helping any of my friends (and some random strangers, too) in solving their problems… if I had any real experience or even an outlook that was suited for these kind of lovey- dovey stuff. But considering the boring practical, almost unromantic views I hold of these relationships, and absolute no intentions, whatsoever of getting into one of these relationships, any time soon, sometimes, I just feel, that my own advise is rubbish! completely withdrawn from what actually might be the reality…… almost like Malabar Hill activists ‘feeling’ for the poor oppressed street people!!!!

I just happened to casually mention this to a friend, and her response was totally crazy, yet made sense. She was like, ‘Since you aren’t into it, you look at it in a practical angle…..which they can’t seem to see.’ ……….hmmm….. So basically Lovers ARE blind, eh!!!.... *evil grin*

And just in case anyone cares to wonder, why I myself am so against luv-shuv…… my mantra is…Life is complicated enough……try to keep it simple, stay single, stay happy, and enjoy!!! :D

(p.s: the pic is some random thing i flicked from a google search...... i know it doesn't make sense....but is it supposed to??? )

May 24, 2007

THE trip!!!!!!!

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
John Lennon, "Beautiful Boy"

Some experiences in life do create a lasting impact on each of us. You know the sort that let you realise your own possibilities and give you a completely different outlook on life!!

Well my recent trip to Manglore was one such! Actually, my cousin's visit was more of the eye opener...... the trip just served the purpose of helping me realise it better! Well just the two of us went to this crazy place, called 'Dharamasthala' which can be called as a rehab centre (no actually, its just our name for it..)

Life was good before i went there, but it just became better, infact much better, and well everyone who knows me, has noticed the difference it's got on me......

You know sometimes you just go through each and everyday in your life, without actually "LIVING" it....unless you get an 'aha!!!" moment, where things begin to fall in the right perspective and you start appreciating, what exactly you have around you? Well had quite a few 'happy realisation' moments in there..... :D

(well the source above isn't really 'my type' of an inspiration........but the quote suits the situation pretty well!!!)

Need to put everything down, because there is so much to write.....will get back to doing that later!!!

p.s: just realised..... lots of posts ending wid need to get back later..... am i bad @ time mgmt?? or hv i become a workaholic????
(Saaa nd VJ will deff agre wid me... hv stood them up, u see!!)