Sep 23, 2007

Personal Bias!

Sometimes, some incidents catch us off guard...

Recently, the prospect of working closely with a person, who is ‘just-not-like-us’ was suggested, at work… and boy, was I stumped!!

Don’t get me wrong, the person is not really bad or anything…. Actually, I don’t even know the person that well as of now!! But from the moment of the first meet, I began judging the person and somehow I have an impression of the person, as someone I might, in all probability, have trouble relating and working with!! And I don’t even know, why or what made me get this impression….. Maybe it’s the different backgrounds, or just that we did not hit it off that well, at the first meet…..

I have always accepted at being a little bias, towards my friends over others…. Let’s face it, we all are… we happily overlook a mistake our friends make, but if made by an unknown, it is never easily accepted…. Guess it’s natural, maybe to a certain extent, even accepted… At the same time, I also usually have no problem in relating to people of all kinds (as in those who are like me, and those who aren’t like me), because, like it or not, we all need to accept other people and views even if we necessarily don’t agree with them…

But what stood out in this whole incident was the fact that it just bought out the whole faƧade right in front of my face… and obviously, I didn’t like it one bit! Also, what stuck me, was how limited my exposure to people, in and around me is! Yes, not everyone is like me, or have a similar wavelength, yet, they are some what of a certain section, that I feel and know, I belong to!

I know, at the end of this post, in all probability, people reading it, would be thinking I am some kind of a biased…almost racist person….. but trust me I am NOT…. It’s just that I am yet to learn (and I have a chance in front of me to) to deal and understand and handle people truly representing all the different types of personas and thought processes. Just hope, can do it successfully, and I make more friends along the way! :)


Sep 8, 2007

things u dont wanna know about me!!

So, while joblessly surfing the net at 1 am....i stumble upon such utterly useless pieces of information..... and now, my new hobby, of sharing them with you, means, all u people out there have to ebdure this torture too....

So, this is what my obituary is gonna say.....

'What will your obituary say?' at

Just who is this shady guy man!!!.....lolz

And, the next quiz..... would i get away with murder????
well the answer is NO... :( .... so all people rejoice.....
now u r sure, i am never gonna kill anyone!!!

Ten Years: You would get caught, but only because of the guilt you'd feel. You would sign a plea bargain and spend your years in jail feeling really bad about what you'd done.

Sep 7, 2007

since am unable to come up with any sane topic to blog about (or rather am too lazy and busy to do it!), let me take an easy way out.... blog about a few of the things that interest me, or that i feel i should share with the world.....

Currently, my favorite track is from Kailas Kher's new album...Jhoomo re..... called Saiyyaan
to say that the track is amazing, would be stating the obvious!! Just that the mention of the song gives me goose bumps...(hey, i aint over exaggerating!!) So, after the songs of Metro and Ya Rabba (another gem by Kailash!), this song simply goes in the list of my all time favorites!!!
So, after music, the next thing that occupies my free time (hyperbole, did u say!!) is Books and Blogs (okie 2 things!)
So, am sure most of you would have read 'The Diary of a young girl' by Anne Frank. Its a wonderful account of the life of a girl and her family, in the times of Nazi invasion in Netherlands. Although set in the Second World War, it is very contemporary in the issues it addresses.
And the next on my list of books to read is 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu (the english translation) , which, alongwith 'The Prince' and 'Mahabharata' are considered to be three of the best books in the World, on War Strategy (and before you ask.... i am NOT going on a battle, thank you!)
And coming to Blogs, here are some of the blogs i absolutely love to read
Well, this is ALL i can think of at the moment. Will update the list as soon as my laziness permits!!! (Oh, what the hell!!! will put up a Proper post, if one of those "rare" 'I-am-not-lazy-for-a-change' mood prevails!!! :D )
till then.....