Jul 26, 2010

The Great Gig in the sky

(This is my contribution to the Writer's Island Prompt on Title's)

For the original Pink Floyd Song, click here

This ode comprises of title's of all Pink Floyd songs. 

This is my tribute to some of the best lyrics i have ever heard! 

Since the ode doesn't have any additions, it may sound odd at first... 

Paranoid Eyes, Good Bye Blue Sky,
Don’t leave me now, Learning to fly

Run like Hell, Remember the day, See Emily Play,
See-Saw, Lucy Leave, One of these Days 
The Dogs of War, The Gunners Dream
Scream Thy Last Scream

In the Flesh, childhood’s end, A Great Day for Freedom
Post War Dream, Bring the Boys Back Home,
Not Now John, The Show Must Go on

Time, The Trial, Speak to me, One of my Turns
Comfortably Numb, The Gnome, The Hero’s Return


PINK FLOYD: Musicians par excellence! Their Lyrics are the stuff that make you sit up and think, but also thoroughly entertain. There may not be a living soul who has not heard "Wish You Were Here" or "Comfortably Numb". They are a MUST LISTEN for each and everyone! 

I could go on and on and on about them....

If you have not heard of them (God Bless You!), go out any buy them NOW.... Go Go Go!!


Jul 19, 2010

Nirvana... Aha!

This is my contribution to the Writers Island Prompt on 'Reunion'

It was an unusual afternoon. She was wilting under the heat. The emptiness of her soul, lay visible to all who saw. It made no difference to her, that there were so many people around, probably staring, many wondering and some even understanding. At that moment, no one and nothing else mattered.

 All she could feel was his harsh stare, the reality of him taking away something from her so important. The thought that with every stare of his, a part of her identity vanished was embarrassing her. Every glance of his, made her feel as if there was less and less of her remaining. Her dignity seemed to be vanishing with every passing moment. But she had nowhere to go, nothing she could do to somehow stop it. The helplessness was even more unnerving.

But she held on, she stayed put. She knew, if she could face this humiliation, she would indeed have her moment of glory. In her mind, it was not a case of “will she”… but more a case of “when will she”…. And suddenly she winced. But before that, nothing would remain, she thought…coming back to the harsh reality again!

A few months passed by. Every day seemed a battle for her. The days were long, the times were harsh. Every moment getting her closer to that which was now, inevitable.. There came a day, when nothing was left in her, but still he was there, trying to take whatever remained of her. Trying to make sure that she indeed was dead, and nothing remained. He was always there, she thought. Every day, in and out, he would be there. Suddenly she was comforted by that surety that he would be there when she got back at him.

And then it happened. Her day of redemption, her finale was here. She couldn’t see him. She knew he was there, as always, she smiled again! ‘Fine, hide all you want, but am going to love it today’, she smiled. Aah! the breeze again. The cool and calm breeze! She felt alive and happy. The harsh encounters of the recent months had left her bruised, hurt, empty and black, and now she knew she would be beautiful again! I shall be alive once more, she thought.

Suddenly it got real dark. The clouds made the entire place serene and calm. Their voice drowned everything around. But that voice was music for her, the prelude to a shocking climax. The lightning stuck as if heralding a change, a sweet victory for a ferocious little battle she had played a part in. And it rained!

She leapt at the first few drops of water that fell on her, absorbing it within herself. She wanted to dance, but knew she couldn’t. Her joy knew no bounds. She was once again re-united with the one and the only thing that gave her an identity, that which gave her a purpose, which allowed for her existence…. Her existence of being what she was. She was no longer barren, no longer devoid of water. She looked up and smiled. She knew that all was right for now, until he returns again! She stood calmly in the rain, brushing aside all thoughts, of him, of the battle which would return, of what had happened to her…. Everything! All she knew at that moment was that she was alive, and it was exactly for this, that she existed! Nirvana, she knew would feel just like this. And she smiled.

Jul 17, 2010

my naya awards!

Yay!... Jingle, bless her.... has gifted me with two awards... here they are:

Yay!... And i want to give these two to Alice in Wonderland :) :) :) Enjoy it, chicka :D

Till inspiration strikes me again.....


Jul 15, 2010

Letter to my love


We have had a long relationship. Longer than many others, I have ever had. You have always held a very special place in my heart. From the first time I ever set my eyes on you, till today, I have fallen in love with you again, and again and yet again!

My life would be very much incomplete without you. You have been with me, longer than any one else. Your smell, your appearance, the calmness that surrounds you, would make everyone around love you. Yet, you never ignored me, loving me equally. You would give into my every fantasy, my every whim and wish, making sure each of our meetings was a memory I couldn’t forget. You are the only one, for whom I have given up on food! Yes, I have given up on foodstuff to save and come meet you! This silly thing called love… doesn’t let me forget you!

You know, how everyone has been against this love. They say, you sweep me of my feet. They say, I forget the world, when I am with you. They are true, though! Spending time with you, I never remember anyone or anything. Conversations seem unimportant, the background music/ noise unobtrusive. The only thing that I see, feel and hear is what you give me! You have been more than perfect for me, in every way a girl like me, could ask for….

Yet today, I did, what I couldn’t have imagined doing even in my wildest dreams! I ignored you… I walked past you without giving you as much as a glance. So what, if I was with my colleagues and they would never accept it for what it is…They would never understand the desire of visiting you and holding a book could ever be so important to me! I am sorry, really sorry for having to do this to you, dear !

Yours truly addicted


This letter is sent to the Landmark and Crossword of my life ! :D  

Jul 14, 2010

I treasure

(This is my contribution to the Writer's Island Prompt on Treasure)

I treasure…

You singing me a song, I never wanted to hear,

I doing a little jig, you never wanted to see.

Walking through the hallway I, trying to act important

You giving me a push, and telling me, it didn’t matter.

Awaiting my chance to speak, talk and impress

You giving me a smile saying “you know you are the best!”

Waiting for that magic, the moment that wouldn’t pass

You knew what I felt, knew just where to start…

Sitting at your window, talking about stories of glory

Watching the world go by, over too many cups of tea

Life is nothing but collection of moments such as these
What would I do, if they hadn’t happened to me!