Feb 27, 2007

can't think of a heading!

Well there is a scene in the movie "StepMom", in which, Julia Roberts asks her step daughter, who is being bullied by a guy, to take a decision..... of either sitting there crying, or doing something about solving the problem! A really simple scene, now when i think of it, but back then when I saw it, well, it did create a WOW moment for me!

Many a times, in our lives, we live those moments, when we just want to give up.....just leave everything, go home or some safe place and cry and scream our head out, to the world at large, for being so bad at us! It is usually, at these times, that i still remember the scene, and over the times, i have just realised one thing - the world around us, and Life in general, is never going to be rosy, but how we chose to face it, and what we do of the circumstances around us, make a hell lot of a difference! It is one of those things, that has helped me to move on, face the music, just keep going , hoping for a better tomorrow and I know, that one day, this will pay off. In a weird which way, it also makes me feel good about the fact, that when i was given a choice, i chose to face it and fight it out, than go to a corner and cry, and somehow everything around just feels fine, because, somewhere, within me, i know, that i can face this too!

(p.s.: sorry for the too much of I, me, Myself)

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