Dec 31, 2009

09 lessons of 2009

Warning: It's going to be a pretty long post, so fasten your belts !

Hello people, been a real long time since i had a chance to blog about something which i felt like writing about! There have been quite a lot of things happening of late, plentiful things which have had much of an impact, on me, but wasn't sure i would be comfortable writing about every small (relatively) thing happening in my life! (WTH, am just giving a reason for my procrastination :P ) And after spending a year, in which i turned 24, got a few more grey hair, re-discovered a couple of philosophies, became a Company Secretary, discovered what hostel life can be, made a few good new friends, lost touch with quite a few, saw most of my close ones getting married/ committed/ engaged, etc and had real trouble adjusting to the change in my position and expectations of people around me and myself, changed to the point i couldn't recognize my own self in the mirror, had a lowdown, and returned, celebrated my birthday for the first time in the last three years, and probably will 'not-be-studying' for the New Years, in an equally long gap, this year has taught me quite a lot! Not that i had an absolutely amazing time or anything, but i wouldn't substitute it for anything!

So, here is a list of NINE things i learnt in the year of 2009 (trust me, the list could have easily been longer):

09 - Change, before you HAVE to ! Sticking on to the past, refusing to change, is just going to make you end up in a real bad shape. So, accept CHANGE, make it your friend, for it makes for a very BAD Enemy!

08 - Never say NEVER. Each of us change, each of us gets on with life, seldom does anyone stay where we left them, and hence, neither do relations. They will always evolve! Your best friend, at some point of time, would not have a clue of what you are undergoing currently, or a one-time hated personality, could turn into one of the closest buddies, you could have asked for... the point here is: Judgment + Perception + Our Thoughts = Very bad basis for determining the people in our life.

07 - *ALL Quite a few young men think from their Pants. Period.

06 - Friendship is a completely relative term. And so are most other things in life. The point is, everything and everyone is Grey. Only old movies are Black and White. So, you can either sit on the fence, judge and criticize them and blabber all that you want, or you can jump in, have fun and enjoy the whole 'being human' experience, which it guarantees you!

05 - You will give in to peer and societal pressure at some point of time, in life. No matter, how head strong, how pragmatic and how focussed you are. You will give in! And when you do, especially, if you are used to being an independent and strong individual yourself, chances are you will be terrible depressed, frustrated and probably wont recognise your own face in the mirror! If that ever happens to you, turn around and reclaim your life right away... i know cases, where it has been way way too late!

04 - You are what you read ! And, business wisdom books, self help books, and philosophy books, actually make a very good read (not really the pop psycho ones, but the actual good ones). Ayn Rand, might be a feminist writer, but she is still one helluva female! Oh, and Book Shopping during weekends can be very addictive and harmful for your financial health!

03 - You can have amazing fun with people you hardly know! You just need to be open to the idea of sharing space, thoughts and your time and energy with strangers who could be really different from you, than be closed to everyone about you!

02 - Management: Its all about the people, really! All you need to do is shift the focus from ME and MINE to YOU and YOURS. Management is no freaking cake walk, and taking the crap from clients and superiors for the mistakes done by your sub-ordinates is no fun, in any way, but it does make you think, gets you curious to understand people and more importantly understand and realize things about you, which may have been glaringly obvious to others, but not so much to you (read: lack of patience, need to be nice to people, etc) In short, Management is taking all your people theories in one basket, adding huge responsibility and limited resources factor in it, and turning it completely upside down!


01 - Most people CAN'T THINK ! Never has it been so glaringly obvious to me, than in the recent past, that people never or seldom use their intrinsic logical and reasoning power in any matters of their lives. Blame it on the education system, on the way our society runs or any other factor... But THIS is a very very irritating factoid, i had to discover the hard way!

Phew.... and they said 2009 was a happy year... yea, if you say so :P


Sorcerer said... dont have an idle mind.
so devil will have to find another workshop
that was well thought out post..


Happy New Year!!!

have a fantastic New year

curry said...

Great.. u actually made me think! :O

Tejaswini Shenoy said...

this post is AMAZZZZING!!! loved it... I probably need to show this to my manager who keeps showing us videos about team bonding and positive thinking.. .This definitely makes a whole lot of sense too :)

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Ode said...

Sorcy: thanks a lot for the wishes! the devil had overstayed, so decided to kick him off... hence this post ;)

Egg-Curry: mat soch!!.. and deff don't blame it on me! :o

Anamika: hahahah, sure, show my blog off... BUT is he cute, hot and funny and rich too?... else this stays a secret b/w us ;)

Devang: thank you! the sms made me smile for the whole day :)

Ashwin said...

amazing article...still thinking ..amd mind u from my head!