Nov 2, 2010


I am not surprised that the novel “Serious Men” won The Hindu Best Fiction Award 2010! After all shouldn't a novel depicting the ‘real’ India be applauded! Even if the novel is through the eyes of a frustrated yet cunning man in our society who believes on being wronged because of his birth in a certain caste! Even if his depiction made me think that every second person walking on Indian streets was deranged. Here was a man, who spoke the truth! Of course he would be awarded!

Never mind the bad spelling, erratic grammar, poor editing and a story which resembles a movie plot; we have to encourage more of such truth inspiring, heart rendering human stories, which show our “real” India and the way we are to everyone! How else would the stark truth come out of our living rooms. How else, would these awe inspiring individuals guide us into light by informing us that Militants and Naxals need a humane touch and that the solution to every problem in our country is through a media trial and that everything would be all right if a certain CM resigns! So 

what if their sentences begin with ‘and’ and the comma follows every 2 words like a Hutch puppy. Who needs an English teacher writing our books anyways!  

What we need are these free minded, spirited young individuals who are comfortable enough to express their disappointments with the Indian society. Yes, the more the merrier. After all, isn’t that the true barometer of a thriving, intellectual, free and developing democracy? Not to mention that this guidance comes Direct to Home! What more can we as a country ask for. We shall, as a society be ever indebted to these great writers of no caliber but big mouths for letting us know what India is all about.

Thank You Manu Joseph, Ms. Roy and many others. Thank You! (Sorry for getting emotional)

I am not surprised that the novel “Serious Men” won The Hindu Best Fiction Award 2010. What I am surprised about is why it did not win the Best Non-Fiction Award, 2010! Real shame that!

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