Jul 15, 2010

Letter to my love


We have had a long relationship. Longer than many others, I have ever had. You have always held a very special place in my heart. From the first time I ever set my eyes on you, till today, I have fallen in love with you again, and again and yet again!

My life would be very much incomplete without you. You have been with me, longer than any one else. Your smell, your appearance, the calmness that surrounds you, would make everyone around love you. Yet, you never ignored me, loving me equally. You would give into my every fantasy, my every whim and wish, making sure each of our meetings was a memory I couldn’t forget. You are the only one, for whom I have given up on food! Yes, I have given up on foodstuff to save and come meet you! This silly thing called love… doesn’t let me forget you!

You know, how everyone has been against this love. They say, you sweep me of my feet. They say, I forget the world, when I am with you. They are true, though! Spending time with you, I never remember anyone or anything. Conversations seem unimportant, the background music/ noise unobtrusive. The only thing that I see, feel and hear is what you give me! You have been more than perfect for me, in every way a girl like me, could ask for….

Yet today, I did, what I couldn’t have imagined doing even in my wildest dreams! I ignored you… I walked past you without giving you as much as a glance. So what, if I was with my colleagues and they would never accept it for what it is…They would never understand the desire of visiting you and holding a book could ever be so important to me! I am sorry, really sorry for having to do this to you, dear !

Yours truly addicted


This letter is sent to the Landmark and Crossword of my life ! :D  


Bhaskar said...

Totally agree with this.... reminds me of my insane times at crossword during my vacations. Absolutely loved it..... Keep it up RK.

alice-in-wonder said...

I looooooove the blog's new look.

I've been here only gal.. where had you vanished to?

Ode Writer said...

@Bose: Thanks... i know u share the same feelings towards the 2 of them :P

@Alice: needed to get out of all this, for a while yaa... was getting to me... may not make sense... will tell u some day! :)

YOU better keep blogging though :D :D

AJ said...


Ashwin said...

all i can say after readin this is....tum mein wo junoon hain...likhne ka...kya baat, kya baat, kya baat!!

devang said...

Wah Rach!!! I am patting your back right now!!!

It feels great to know that "It runs in the FAMILY"! :)

Jingle said...

it does make a lot of sense that way...
wish all well 4 u.

Pranay said...

Hey RK..

stunning job .. vry beutifully expressed your feeling .. just loved it !!

in terence lewis language ...now dats wat i call a chumeshwari letter.. he he.. Keep it up..