Jul 26, 2010

The Great Gig in the sky

(This is my contribution to the Writer's Island Prompt on Title's)

For the original Pink Floyd Song, click here

This ode comprises of title's of all Pink Floyd songs. 

This is my tribute to some of the best lyrics i have ever heard! 

Since the ode doesn't have any additions, it may sound odd at first... 

Paranoid Eyes, Good Bye Blue Sky,
Don’t leave me now, Learning to fly

Run like Hell, Remember the day, See Emily Play,
See-Saw, Lucy Leave, One of these Days 
The Dogs of War, The Gunners Dream
Scream Thy Last Scream

In the Flesh, childhood’s end, A Great Day for Freedom
Post War Dream, Bring the Boys Back Home,
Not Now John, The Show Must Go on

Time, The Trial, Speak to me, One of my Turns
Comfortably Numb, The Gnome, The Hero’s Return


PINK FLOYD: Musicians par excellence! Their Lyrics are the stuff that make you sit up and think, but also thoroughly entertain. There may not be a living soul who has not heard "Wish You Were Here" or "Comfortably Numb". They are a MUST LISTEN for each and everyone! 

I could go on and on and on about them....

If you have not heard of them (God Bless You!), go out any buy them NOW.... Go Go Go!!



Anonymous said...

Wow! This is very clever. I think if you used all lower case, and reduced the punctuation, it would read even better.

Ashwin said...
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Ashwin said...

amazing creativity....keep up the good work!

Jingle said...

nicely said,
I feel your emotions,

Anonymous said...

Cleverly done!


Anonymous said...

Cleverly done!


Elizabeth said...

I really like Pink Floyd and especially 'Comfortably Numb.' One of my very favorites. And your poem makes sense from beginning to end. Great Job!


Ode Writer said...

@vivinfrance: Thank u! :) .... Will try editing it...

@Ashwin: thx boss!

@Jingle: awwwww! and thx for the awards as well :)

Ode Writer said...

@thelaughing: Thanks a ton! I must admit, i was inspired by your contribution of the 80's titles to compose this!! :D :D ... am so glad u enjoyed it!

@Elizabeth: Its my fav "mood-i-cant-define" song! :) Thnks again :)

curry said...

I can never get over 'Wish you were here' ... Never :|

Love the post rach! >:D<
(psst: playing the song now :D )