Jul 14, 2010

I treasure

(This is my contribution to the Writer's Island Prompt on Treasure)

I treasure…

You singing me a song, I never wanted to hear,

I doing a little jig, you never wanted to see.

Walking through the hallway I, trying to act important

You giving me a push, and telling me, it didn’t matter.

Awaiting my chance to speak, talk and impress

You giving me a smile saying “you know you are the best!”

Waiting for that magic, the moment that wouldn’t pass

You knew what I felt, knew just where to start…

Sitting at your window, talking about stories of glory

Watching the world go by, over too many cups of tea

Life is nothing but collection of moments such as these
What would I do, if they hadn’t happened to me!


gkam said...

treasured moments.. gr8 composition!

Last two lines are the best!

vivienne blake said...

Treasures, every one of them.

Dee Martin said...

loved this line - Watching the world go by, over too many cups of tea
I think that kind of companionship is one of the greatest treasures!

alice-in-wonder said...

Wow. I love this post!!!

Jingle said...

love is unbeatable,
what a lasting treasure you desire here.
cute poem!

Jingle said...


here is mine!

Ode Writer said...

@ Gauri: Thanks sweets :)

@Vivienne: Couldn't agree more! Thx for visiting!

@Dee: Yea... the sort wherein u can spend hours speaking abt nothing or everything :)... Thx for visiting!

@Alice: Danke!

@Jingle: Lovely blog u got... and thx for the comments :) Keep visiting!!